Set Information

Keep Your Enemies Closer in Eternity Code

A new core set has arrived. Eternity Code is the first core set released with the new Master Rule in effect. Like most core sets, it features new and old archetypes, continuing to expand the vast array of options you have in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game! Eternity Code focuses on monsters of the WATER-attribute, introducing a new Charmer Link Monster based on Eria the Water Charmer, Gentle and a whole archetype to go with Deep Sea Diva. Eternity Code consists of 10 Secret Rares, 14 Ultra Rares, 26 Super Rares, 50 Commons and 4 Starlight Rares.

Become Your Opponent’s Worst Nemeses

The new archetype introduced in Eternity Code is the Nemeses. Low level Nemeses cards, each with a different type and attribute, can Special Summon themselves from the hand by shuffling one of your banished monsters into the deck. Additionally, they have effects that help you maintain your resources, which you then spend on boss monsters. 

Speaking of boss monsters, the Nemeses ones are nothing to scoff at! Archnemeses Protos can Special Summon itself by banishing three monsters with different attributes you control and acts as a sort-of Tribe-Infecting Virus: destroying all monsters of a declared attribute on the field. Archnemeses Eschatos on the other hand destroys all monsters of a declared type, in opposition, and is Special Summoned by banishing three monsters with different types.

Flash Flood Warning!

Eternity Code also includes alot of WATER support, including the latest addition to the Link Charmers Eria the Water Charmer, Gentle and a whole archetype based around Deep Sea Diva. The brand new Synchro Tuner Monster Deep Sea Prima Donna helps protect any monster that used it as a material. And because it is a Synchro Tuner Monster, it goes perfectly with the recently released Crystron Halqifibrax from Duel Overload! But that’s not even all Eternity Code has to offer. Look out for new Marincess, Gouki, Salamangreat, Dragonmaids and much more!

Eternity Code releases on 30 April 2020, so make sure to mark this date in your calendars and crack the code to victory!