Set Information

Classic Strategies Make a Comeback in Ghosts from the Past

It's time to revisit some classic decks from Yu-Gi-Oh!'s past! Ghosts from the Past contains iconic fan-favorite cards as well as new cards for decks like Shaddolls, Dragunity, and Cipher. Ghosts from the Past also introduces the Sunavalon archetype to the TCG, a theme used by Specter from the VRAINS anime. Collectors might also love to know that some fan favorites, like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, will be released as ghost rares in this set. Ghosts from the Past contains 132 cards (45 new and 87 reprints), consisting of five ghost rares and 127 ultra rares.

Even More Sinister Shadow Games to be Played

The Shaddoll theme was introduced at the start of the Arc V era of Yu-Gi-Oh! and quickly became successful in the tournament scene. A powerful combination of GY effects and intimidating Fusion Monsters made this a fan-favorite deck as well as a great engine if combined with other strategies like Invoked. Originally, the main deck Shaddoll cards were all DARK, until Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown introduced the first WATER and WIND main deck Shaddolls. Ghosts from the Past expands on these attributes with the EARTH Nehshaddoll Genius and the FIRE Helshaddoll Hollow.

Both of these new cards follow the same Shaddoll concept: having a FLIP effect and an effect that activates if it's sent to the GY. Nehshaddoll Genius has a GY effect that negates the effect of any face-up monster on the field, making it the ideal Fusion Material to summon with cards like El Shaddoll Fusion and Shaddoll Schism as those allow you to Fusion Summon during your opponent's turn. Void benefits from the new attributes added to the archetype, being able to destroy an opponent's monster with his FLIP effect, by sending a Shaddoll monster with the same attribute from your extra deck to the GY, while his GY effect allows you to mill equal to the number of different attributes on the field. These cards are sure to breathe some new life into the Shaddoll deck!

Return to the Dragon Ravine

During the 5D's era, a certain clan of dragoons were introduced to the game. The Dragunity archetype consists of both Winged Beasts and Dragons, the latter being used as either weapons or Tuners to go into the Synchro boss monsters of the archetype. Structure Deck R: Dragunity Drive, releases in Japan in August 2020, but the new cards from this deck are debuting in Ghosts from the Past for their international release.

One of the new cards for the theme is the big bad boss monsters Dragunity Arma Gram. A main deck Dragunity that can Special Summon itself from hand or GY by banishing two Dragon and/or Winged Beast monsters from your GY. This is pretty easy to do since Dragunity tends to Synchro Summon a lot, using Dragon-types as their tuners, and the Winged Beasts as non-tuners. Once per turn, he lets you target a face-up monster, negate its effect, AND decrease its ATK by 1000 for each Equip card you control. This second effect works in tandem with the Dragunity cards equipping themselves to your monsters, but also combos with Arma Gram's other effect: Once per turn, his effect equips the opponent's monsters to itself that have been destroyed in battle. Truly a dragonic force to be reckoned with!