Set Information

Revisit the Duel Terminal World with Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1

In 2009, Konami released the first Hidden Arsenal set, introducing new archetypes like Ice Barrier, X-Saber, Flamvell, and Ally of Justice. This would only be the first set in the series which went on up until Hidden Arsenal 7 in 2013. Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 gives new and old players a chance to revisit these themes from the Duel Terminal World.
Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 will also reintroduce the Duel Terminal foiling, which was exclusive to America and Japan in their Duel Terminal machines! Each Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 mini-box contains one secret rare variant card, two packs with 18 cards each: three Duel Terminal ultra rares, one Duel Terminal common, and 14 regular commons.

Usher in a New Ice Age

Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 mostly contains reprints of cards from the previous Hidden Arsenal sets and Duel Terminal releases. One of these is the Level 1 Tuner monster Naturia Cherries, which, upon being destroyed by your opponent, summons two other Naturia Cherries from your deck in face-down defense position. While not originally released in a Hidden Arsenal set, it is a part of Hidden Arsenal lore and hasn't been reprinted before. Other Hidden Arsenal icons that will see a reprint in Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 are the Dragons from the Ice Barrier. Staple cards from the 5D's era of Yu-Gi-Oh! and beyond, Trishula and Brionac will be included in this set, reprinted in one of their fan-favorite rarities: Duel Terminal Ultra Rare. Recently Ice Barriers got a new Structure Deck, greatly helping the theme's strategy and accelerating their Synchro summoning.

The Dragon Ravine's New Hero!

Dragunity is another archetype that made its debut in the Hidden Arsenal releases. The theme revolves around Winged Beast monsters equipping themselves with Dragon monsters and then synchro summoning their Dragunity Knights. In Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1, the archetype receives a brand new Tuner monster: Dragunity Guisarme! Guisarme is a Level 3 Dragon Tuner monster, whose normal summon lets you special summon another Level 4 or lower Dragunity from your GY. This combos nicely with Dragon Ravine which can dump a Dragon from your deck to the GY, so Guisarme can summon it.

While the Level 4 or lower Dragons in the Dragunity archetype are all Tuners, this specific combo won't let you go into a synchro monster. However, there are many powerful alternatives like Link summoning. Two small Dragunity cards can get you very far here as you'll be able to use them as Link materials for Predaplant Verte Anaconda. This now infamous Link 2 monster can summon powerful fusion monsters like Red-Eyes Dark Dragon or the recently released Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer. These two Fusion monsters are a force to be reckoned with and any deck able to make these without too much trouble has a huge advantage. Another Link monster Dragunity Guisarme has access to is Crystron Halqifibrax, a great support card for Synchro-focused decks, as well as being able to extend your Link summons into an unbreakable board. Halqifibrax summons a Level 3 or lower Tuner from your hand or deck, something the Dragunity deck has more than enough of. Dragunity Guisarme may not look like a big threat to your opponent, but the right combo pieces can usher in a new era for the Dragunity deck!