Set Information

Literal Blasts from the Past in Hidden Summoners

The Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys is back! He brings his own archetype and two other brand-new archetypes to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG with the new set Hidden Summoners. The Nephthys archetype is now a Ritual archetype that focuses on destroying your opponents' field with card effects. Aside from the Nephthys, the Prankids* (a Fusion archetype) and the Mayakashi* (a Zombie archetype) will also be introduced. Furthermore, this set will include a lot of support for these archetypes, so expect reprints of popular cards.

If you want more information about the Hidden Summoners, then check back in mid-October 2018 for a full breakdown of the set. We will be featuring more information about the cards and archetypes in this expansion.

*names unconfirmed