Set Information

What Is Revealed in Hidden Summoners

Hidden Summoners is the brand-new 60-card all-foil booster in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. As its name implies, the theme of this set is Summoning methods that complement the three archetypes it features, two of which are new and the last one is an old fan-favorite. Deck strategies revolve around combining Link Summons with a Special Summon that corresponds to a specific archetype. So what archetypes are these?

Konami introduces the Prankids and the Mayakashi to the trading card game, a group of seemingly harmless "kids" that fuses into chaos and destruction and a new archetype of Zombie monsters, respectively. The Nephthys return completing this set with a blast of brand-new support for the original Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys that many duelists have been waiting for. Hidden Summoners is all about old, familiar Summon mechanics getting a boost.

Operation: Prankids

The Prankids are all about Fusion Summons. Their three main monsters are Prankids Drop, Prankids Pulse, and Prankids Ramp; all gain effects when used as Link or Fusion materials. Respectively, Drop gains 1000 Lifepoints; Pulse sends one Prankids from your deck to the graveyard; and Ramp burns your opponent for 500 damage. After they resolve their effects, they can also Special Summon another Prankids from your deck. Furthermore, all three Prankids can be combined in six different ways to give yourself dominance over the game!

Use the Prankids to summon Link Monsters, like the Link 4 Prankids Roargon. With 3000 ATK and four Link Arrows, this beefy attacker also has a great effect: You can Tribute him (as a Quick Effect) to destroy all Spells/Traps that your opponent controls. The swarming nature of the Prankids makes this monster easy to summon, so you will always have the best removal.

Their other boss monster is a Fusion Monster called Prankids House Battle Butler, but he must be Fusion Summoned with all three Prankids together. He is the other side of removal as you can Tribute him to destroy all of your opponent’s monsters. This effect, together with his powerful 3000 ATK, makes him great at both offense and defense.

Tributes to the Past

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys gets a new form in Hidden Summoners: Sacred Blue Phoenix of Nephthys. This Level 8 FIRE Ritual monster is a Winged Beast with 3000 ATK that can be Ritual Summoned with Rebirth of Nephthys. During the Main Phase, you can destroy any number of Nephthys cards from the field or hand to destroy just as many cards on your opponent's field. When destroyed, just like his first incarnation, he can return to the field during the next Standby Phase.

This reincarnated boss monster makes an explosive entrance in this expansion as he can combine with loads of cards that trigger when they are destroyed. Already great for pure Nephthys decks, Sacred Blue Phoenix of Nephthys is also a great addition to older familiar archetypes that get boosts when their cards are destroyed.

Hidden Summoners brings nostalgia with different Summon mechanics from the past. Now, combined with Master Rule 4, the YGO metagame gets bigger combos and new ways to play. With five cards per booster pack, it has an MSRP of $ 3.99 (approx. 3,64 €) per pack and is available beginning 15 November 2018.