Set Information

King’s Court finally releases on 8 July 2021. This 62-card set features plenty of callbacks to iconic cards from all over the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG history. With seven cards per booster pack and many chances to pull some of those highly elusive Collector’s Rare cards, you could be in for a straight flush!

The Knights Welcome You to the King’s Court

This particular TCG set is themed after Queen’s Knight, King’s Knight, and Jack’s Knight, a group of monsters that made their first appearance in the Elemental Energyset in November 2005. This July 2021, King’s Court brings eight new cards to the strategy.

Joker’s Knight has the potential to shine even outside of its own deck, letting you send any of the trio from your deck to the graveyard to hit the field and take its name. But this isn’t the only way to gather the Knights onto your field! Imperial Bower is able to function as some sort of Rescue Rabbit. Then there's the big payoff to the strategy: Arcana Triumph Joker has attack-gaining effect that is very reminiscent of Slifer the Sky Dragon. Speaking of the Sky Dragon, the new card Thunderspeed Summon can search it from your deck and immediately bring it out!

Besides the excellent new Spells and Traps specifically tailored to the deck, King’s Court also features Gilti-Gearfried, the Magical Steel Knight, which fits perfectly in your Knight deck! You need to use two warriors with different attributes to summon this knight with built-in protection, but Face Card Fusion allows you to use a material from the deck as long as you use one of the three Knights as a Fusion material.

More Friends and Foes

The set doesn’t just come packed with cards for a Yugi-themed deck; it also features cards that suit other strategies as well, such as XYZ Hyper Cannon for Kaiba fans, Golden-Eyes Idol for Pegasus’ Relinquished strategies, and even a refence to Ishizu Ishtar in the form of Zolga the Prophet.

More a fan of the other Yu-gi-Oh! animated series? There’s something for everyone, such as Alexis Rhodes' Crystal Girl, a powerful new searcher for high-level WATER monsters, ideal for Mermail decks); Jack Atlas’ Morph King Stygi-Gel, which swarms the field with Fiend monsters to set up Synchro Summons; or Kite Tenjo’s Hyper Galaxy, a Spell card that lets you destroy the opponent’s field and bring out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon! There’s also new cards for Pendulum strategies, and a new boss monster for Utopia-related strategies in the form of Number F0: Utopic Dragon Future. This generic but mighty boss monster has the power to negate the opponent’s monster effects and steal the monsters instead of destroying them!

You can find all of these cards, as well as some highly anticipated reprints like Lightning Storm, Evolzar Dolkka, and World Legacy Guardragon in King’s Court!