Set Information

The Link Evolution Legacy

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is the next big step for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, duelists will experience more than 20 years of Yu-Gi-Oh! in one big video game. Although the game is a remaster of the 2015 Legacy of the Duelist, this new video game will be the first to feature the Link Summon mechanic, as well as brand-new characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS era. And the best part? Three exclusive promo cards for YGO TCG players!

Promo Cards in Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

The three promo cards exclusively for the TCG expand the Cyberse archetype.

Progleo is a Link 2 Monster that points to both left and right. You can summon him by using two monsters of any kind, except Tokens. During the Main Phase, if you control a Link Summoned Progleo, you can banish Progleo himself plus a monster he is pointing at to summon one Link Monster from either your or your opponent's graveyard. The monster is then banished when he leaves the field. Progleo's potential to steal a Link 4 Monster by only using three monsters makes him incredible.

On the other hand, Micro Coder is a Level 1 Cyberse monster that can be used from your hand as Link material if you summon a Code Talker monster. When used as thus, you also get to add one Cynet Spell/Trap from your deck to your hand. If you used Micro Coder as a material from the field, you can add one Level 4 Cyberse monster instead. Micro Coder definitely makes Link climbing easier as there are already loads of Code Talker monsters that have seen play in the meta and also a lot of Cynet cards waiting to be added to decks.

Completing the promotional trifecta, Cynet Codec is a Continuous Spell with the following effects: If a Code Talker monster is summoned from the extra deck to your field, you can add one monster from your deck to your hand with the same type and attribute. However, you cannot summon monsters from the extra deck for the rest of the turn, except Cyberse monsters. You also cannot add monsters with that attribute to your hand via this effect this turn, and you can only activate Cynet Codec once per Chain. These effects are a huge deal. There are multiple Code Talkers with different attributes in the game, so you can easily take advantage of this card's effect.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game and TCG Duels

It's cool to get another Yu-Gi-Oh! video game, especially one with so much potential. It's even cooler of Konami to tie their products together by releasing TCG promos of the video game. Pure Cyberse decks have always been on the edge of becoming meta relevant and with so many good cards with great effects, the archetype is only a card away from being tier 1. Will these three promo cards finally be it? See for yourself on 20 August 2019 when Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution releases.