Name: Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack
Number of Cards: 100 - 60 Ultra Rares and 40 Secret Rares
Release Date: March 8, 2018
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Set Information

All Foil Mega Packs for Yu-Gi-Oh's OG Rival: Seto Kaiba

Legendary Collections come with five individual promotional cards, a game board, and three "mega packs." Kaiba's legendary collection is no exception, which means there are brand-new Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Packs. Each collection has a manufacturer standard retail price of $29.99 (est. 24.27 €) and each pack comes with 10 foil cards (that's 30 per box for those keeping track). But what's the point of foils if you don't know which foils you're getting,

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is Back with Brand-New Art

Obviously, the central card to any good Kaiba pack is going to be his signature Blue-Eyes White Dragon – potentially the most iconic card in Yu-Gi-Oh's 18+ year history. This set will feature 4 unique portraits for it's Blue-Eyes White Dragons. That’s a lot of variety, but Blue-Eyes has received over 45 printings, so it's only fair to give Kaiba fans a nice selection of Blue-Eyes to choose from. Whether the artwork they use is new or old, there is plenty of love here for Kaiba's Dragon and buyers interested in collecting a full-set of every art that features Blue-Eyes will not want to shy away from Kaiba's Mega Pack.

Blue-Eyes Isn't All This Booster Pack Has to Offer

Blue-Eyes White Dragon may be Kaiba's signature card, but it's certainly not the only card he used, and this pack has more to offer as well. Crush Card Virus is getting a reprint, which is always welcome, considering how much its errata changed the functionality of the card. Lord of D is also available, giving those players wishing to play their Blue-Eyes an extra edge. Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit is available for fans of Synchro Monsters and Droll & Lock Bird is also on offer. Finally, Card of Demise is also getting a reprint, giving this set the full original series feel, featuring several commonly seen cards from the original series. There are, of course, many other cards in this 100 card set, ranging from useful reprints to iconic reprints from the original series. Whether you’re a Kaiba fan or just a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, this pack offers a lot of cards you may be looking for. And hey, you can only receive foils from these packs, so check out these collections and get your hands on exclusive Kaiba-approved cards.