Name: Legendary Dragon Decks  Number of cards: 153 Release Date: 5 / October / 2017 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Set Information

Legendary Dragon Decks is a TCG-exclusive set consisting of 3 preconstructed decks. With a total of 153 cards, every deck comes with 51 cards. They come with either 40 Main Deck cards and 11 Extra Deck cards or 41 Main Deck and 10 Extra Deck cards. Each deck contains 5 Holos. Additionally, every deck contains one brand-new card that has not been released before. 

The first theme deck is all about the three legendary dragons of Atlantis: The Eye of Timaeus, The Claw of Hermos and The Fang of Critias. Many of you will remember the 4th season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Waking the Dragons, where these cards had their first appearance on the show. Now you can finally find all of these cards in one place together with their Fusion monsters like Mirror Force Dragon and Dark Magician Girl, the Dragon Knight. You can also get excited for a brand-new Fusion monster combining The Eye of Timaeus with Dark Magician!

The second deck revolves around Cyber Dragon, Zane Truesdale's signature card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX era. While Cyber Dragon is not really a legendary monster and not even a dragon (it is a Machine-Type monster), it had a huge impact on the game back when it was released in August 2005 and has become a very iconic card since then. With a simple, yet powerful effect that lets you special summon a 2100 ATK monster for free, Cyber Dragon was revolutionary for the game. Of course, the deck will come with more cards from the "Cyber"-archetype like Cyber-End Dragon, Cyber Dragon Nova and another brand-new Fusion monster.

The last deck contains cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V era. It is all about the four dimensional dragons: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon. To give the deck a special, legendary flavor, these four cards will be released with a cool new artwork, which we have not seen in the TCG before. It will also come with a brand-new Odd-Eyes Pendulum monster.