Set Information

Sisters of the Rose - New Year, New Legendary Duelists!

Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose is the first new booster set for 2019! Like the name suggests, its focus lies on various female characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series. So expect to see a lot of new cards supporting the decks of Mai Valentine, Alexis Rhodes, Akiza Izinski, and more. The set will contain 56 cards with nine Ultra Rares, eight Super Rares, ten Rares, and 29 Commons. Since the boosters from this set only contain five cards each, its MSRP is $ 1.99 (approx. 1,75 €) per pack.

Mai Funny Valentine

Mai Valentine returns to the duel scene once again! Her Amazoness cards already gained a big boost in the first installment of Legendary Duelists (2017). This time in Sisters of the Rose, her Harpie cards are getting some well-deserved new support. Harpie Perfumer* and Harpie Oracle* are two new Harpie cards and both count as Harpie Lady when on the field or in the graveyard. But as you might have guessed, there’s more!

Harpie Perfumer is a Level 4 monster that, when summoned, searches your deck for a Spell/Trap card that lists Harpie Lady Sisters in its text. However, if you already controlled a Level 5 or higher Harpie when activating this effect, you can add two of those cards instead!

Harpie Oracle supports Harpie Perfumer perfectly: If you control a Level 5 or higher Harpie, Oracle can be Special Summoned from your hand. She can then recycle one of your Spells/Traps that lists Harpie Lady Sisters in your graveyard and add it to your hand. This is definitely an ideal way to search Mai's new Spell Harpie's Feather Roosting*, a Pot of Avarice made specifically for Harpies!

The Cruel Cyber Angel’s Thesis

With their great synergy, searching power, and the Ritual Sanctuary Field Spell, Cyber Angels caught the eye of many duelists when they were first released in Dragons of Legend: Unleashed (2016). Now, in Sisters of the Rose, Alexis Rhodes' signature Ritual Monsters are getting even more cards to speed up their strategies.

The Merciful Machine Angel is actually quite the opposite of its name, since it won’t show your opponent any mercy! This new Spell card lets you Tribute one of your Cyber Angel Ritual Monsters, either from your hand or field, to draw two cards.

Remember that most Rituals get their effects from being Tributed. Cyber Angel Idaten can increase the ATK and DEF of all your Rituals by 1000 and Cyber Angel Benten can search your deck for more Fairy Monsters when Tributed.

Besides reprints of these previously released Cyber Angels, a new Angel makes its debut in Sisters of the Rose. Cyber Angel Izana* can break though your opponent’s defenses, not only destroying cards in their backrow, but also being able to attack once again after it has successfully destroyed an opponent’s monster.

More new cards await in Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose. There's new support for Akiza Izinski's Black Rose Dragon. Railways for Anna Kaboom and Celina's Lunalights will also be included in this set. So get your game on and be sure to mark 10 January 2019 in your calendars!

*English name not official.