Set Information

Synchro Storm Accelerates Your Game Into Overdrive!

The next Legendary Duelists expansion is set for 28 October 2021 and includes support for decks from the 5D’s and ARC-V era of the anime! The first of these themes to come out are the Fleur and Z-One cards used by Sherry LeBlanc which includes a powerful new Synchro monster any duelist would welcome with open arms. New Speedroid cards used by Yugo are also included, followed by a brand new upgrade to Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, which can not only negate both monster effects and Spell/Trap effects, but also make itself unaffected as well.

Each booster pack contains five cards with the complete set containing 9 ultra rares, 8 super rares, 10 rares, 29 commons, and 1 Ghost Rare.

Speed up Your Synchro Plays with new Speedroids

Yugo is a Turbo Duelist from the Synchro Dimension, wielding his Speedroid deck which has alot of Special Summoning effects to go into powerful Synchro monsters like Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. One of the new additions to this theme is Hi-Speedroid Clear Wing Rider* which resembles Yugo’s Duel Runner. Clear Wing Rider let’s you roll a six-sided die, then return WIND monsters from your GY to the deck equal to the result AND destroy cards your opponent controls equal to that amount gaining itself 500 ATK for each on top of its already impressive 3500 base ATK - whew! However, that isn’t where the fun ends with Clear Wing Rider! It also has a quick-effect to give it some usability during your opponent’s turn. You can tribute it to Special Summon two level 7 Synchro monsters, with different names, from your extra deck. One of your prime targets should be Clear Wing Synchro Dragon so that you put some powerful negation effects on the board.

Other new Speedroid cards in the set include Speedroid Magic Hound* which, upon being Normal Summoned, acts as a Foolish Burial for your Speedroids. Additionally, while in the GY, Magic Hound is able to Synchro Summon from the grave by banishing itself and returning another Speedroid in your GY to the deck to summon a Speedroid Synchro monster whose level equals those two monsters. Summoning from the extra deck by using monsters in the GY was popularized by the Tri-Brigade archetype and will definitely help Speedroids extend their combos.

Powerful New Synchro Boss Monsters

Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm wouldn’t be thus called if there weren’t any powerful Synchros actually included in the set. We already looked at Hi-Speedroid Clear Wing Rider, but there are more big monsters in this set that’ll leave your opponent trembling in fear. Take for example the new Synchro monster for the Fleur-theme used by Sherry LeBlanc: Baroness de Fleur, a generic level 10 Synchro with an even more generic negation effect. “When a card or effect is activated (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card.” There is a slight drawback to this, however, as it can only be activated once while it is face-up on the field.

The other powerful Synchro takes us back to Yugo’s deck once again. His brand new Crystal Clear Synchro Dragon isn’t as splashable as the earlier mentioned Baroness, but it packs quite the punch with two different effects. It’s first effect can be activated when your opponent activates a monster effect. Crystal Clear Synchro Dragon gains the ATK of that monster and isn’t affected by the effect of that monster. Even though this doesn’t negate the effect, it can stop powerful blanket effects that might try to get your Crystal Clear off the field, like the new Despia* theme from Dawn of Majesty for example. Crystal Clear’s second effect is short but simple, being able to negate and destroy any Spell/Trap your opponent activates. This makes Crystal Clear Synchro Dragon an excellent extra deck choice for both Speedroid decks and decks that already include a copy of Crystal Wing or Clear Wing in their deck!

*English names not confirmed