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It's Time for the Legendary Hero Decks

One of the differences between Yu-Gi-Oh! and other popular trading card games is their usage of archetypes – the YGO TCG features many of them. Each one is different, and every duelist usually has a favorite, whether it’s Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes, Zoodiac or HERO. Come 5 October 2018, some of you will be in luck. For the last four years, Yu-Gi-Oh! has been releasing Legendary Decks once each year. This year, it's time for three well-known decks: Destiny HERO, Aesir, and Phantom Knights!

Gods, Heroes, and Knights from the Past

Destiny HERO monsters are back with a deck that focuses on Fusion Summons and Link Summons, so expect cards like Destiny Draw, Destiny HERO Malicious, and Destiny HERO Diamond Dude. However, this deck doesn't only feature reprints. Two brand-new Link Monsters have been announced: One is a LINK-2 monster that retrieves Spell Cards with Fusion Summon from the graveyard. The other is a high- attack LINK-3 monster that has all its arrows pointing to your field, so you can Fusion Summon three monsters easily.

Aesir monsters are well-known in the Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame. It may have been already seven years since their first release, but they have yet to see tournament play. Perhaps the Legendary Hero Decks will change this. In this set, Aesir monsters get reinforcements from a brand-new Nordic Link Monster who will help summon the Aesir bosses. It is also noteworthy to mention that this deck features the powerful Ascension Sky Dragon!

The last archetype is definitely not the least – it’s the well-known Phantom Knights! This deck features all well-known cards, like The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak, The Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves, The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots. Also expect Trap Cards, like Phantom Knights' Fog Blade, Phantom Knights' Spear, and Phantom Knights' Wing. There will even be a new Phantom Knights Trap Card and Phantom Knights Link Monster. The new Link Monster will let you directly set a trap from your deck and destroy a card on the field when a DARK Xyz Monster is Special Summoned to one of its pointers.

A Hero in You and Me

Each year, the Legendary Decks sets are a success, and expect the Legendary Hero Decks to be no exception. It's perfect as a collectible item but also as a great start for a new deck. This new set has it all from cheaper reprints to exciting new cards for the decks we have all come to love. This is one promising expansion with a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $ 29,99 (approx. 26,00 €).