Name: Raging Tempest Number of cards: 80 Release Date: 9 / February / 2017 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese

Set Information

General Information

Raging Tempest is the name of the 62nd Yu-Gi-Oh! release, it follows Invasion: Vengeance and it will be released in Europe on February the 9th. It is the 9th release in the 11th series of the Original Card Game, the Japanese version of the Yu-gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

We'll take a closer look at the new archetypes as well as some of the TCG exclusives that weren't present in the Japanese version of the set.

Bringing back the burn

Burn decks that try to reduce your opponent's Life Points exclusively with effects (rather than attacks) have long been absent from the top tables at larger events. This might finally change when the "Wind Witches" will be released, a monster family that has been played by Rin in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.

Just like the "Speedroid" archetype, all the monsters that make up the archetype seem to be WIND type. They share a common goal with the "Speedroid" monsters as they also try to perform fast Synchro Summons, so it wouldn't be all too surprising if there was a way to combine those two archetypes somehow.

One of the key cards of this archetype is Windwitch - Ice Bell. You can Special Summon it as long as you control no monsters and it allows you to Special Summon another "Windwitch" monster from your deck right away. The usual suspect is Windwitch - Glass Bell, the searcher of the monster family. You can then go on and Synchro Summon Windwitch - Winter Bell which will inflict at least 800 damage once it hits the field. If this theme deck will end up with a few more combos like this one, there's a chance it will have a lasting effect on the competitive scene.

Support for Yuya's Pendulum Dragons

The signature monster of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V hero Yuya Sakaki is Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Over time, different versions of the Dragon were released, however, few players were able to make a real Pendulum Dragon based deck work. Raging Tempest promises to introduce support cards for the archetype so it should either be a lot easier to Special Summon the powerful monster to the field or it will pay out a lot more than before.

One of the cards that has already been confirmed is Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, a Fusion Monster that requires a "Pendulum Dragon" monster as well as 1 Warrior Type monster. It reduces the ATK of all face-up monsters your opponent controls to 0 and after that, it also negates their effects. If you aren't able to overcome a monster in battle despite the 3000 ATK of your Dragon, you can simply banish it with the third effect of the card.

In a nutshell, this card is a great addition for fans of both the anime as well as fans of Dragon type archetypes.

The new Tier 1 deck

Competitive players that are in need of a change will look forward to the release of the "Zoodiac" monsters. Ever since it was first introduced, this monster family dominated tournaments in the far east, which isn't all that surprising once you familiarize yourself with the many combos the deck supports.

The core strategy involves Xyz-Summoning monsters that gain ATK and DEF equal to the ATK and DEF of all "Zoodiac" monsters that are attached to them. Since you can also Xyz-Summon all of the important monsters by using a "Zoodiac" monster with a different name as the Xyz Material, you can cycle through half of your Extra Deck in a single turn.

Once you add Zoodiac Ratpier to the mix, things are getting interesting. If you use it as a Xyz Material, the Xyz Monster can detach 1 Material to Special summon another Ratpier from your deck. Effectively, that means you can Special Summon 3 different Xyz Monsters rather easily. Since Ratpier can also be Special Summoned via Zoodiac Barrage, you will even be able to make use of your Normal Summon in addition to all of these Special Summons.

Some of the Xyz Monsters allow you to return Ratpier from your Graveyard to the field, so that means you can Special Summon 4 or more different Xyz Monsters. It's also worth mentioning that all you need to start this multitude of combos is a single copy of Ratpier or Barrage, which is, quite frankly, crazy.

If you end with Zoodiac Broadbull, you can detach a Material to search your deck for a monster that can be Normal Summoned. An excellent choice is Coach Captain Bearman as together with the remaining copies of Ratpier, it will allow you to Special Summon powerful Xyz Monsters like Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy or Coach King Giantrainer, which will allow you to draw up to 3 fresh cards. This is one of the best ways to start a match and, as mentioned before, you only need 1 card to kick things off.

That's still not all, though. The deck can also assemble fields in no time that will dish out 6000 - 9000 points of damage. The OTK potential of this archetype is extremely high and if your opponent is just providing you with a single opening, he should get ready to shuffle up his cards.

Freaky Birds

The third new archetype are the Shinobirds. The set features 2 boss monsters that need to be Ritual Summoned as well as 3 Spirit Monsters that pretty much make up the deck for now. Since it doesn't appear like any of the monsters will allow you to summon more than 1 monster per turn, you can't rely on a flurry of Special Summons to gain the upper hand. Instead, you'll need to focus on Ritual Summons to trigger the effects of Shinobaron Peacock and Shinobaroness Peacock. They will either allow you to return up to 3 monsters your opponent controls to their hand or up to 3 Spells / Traps to their deck. Afterwards, you can Special Summon a Spirit Monster from your hand / deck (ignoring its summoning restrictions). Both of these monsters return to your Extra Deck during the End Phase, so they basically function almost like Spirit Monsters, but at least they'll leave you with 2 tokens that provide you with some sort of defense.

If the other support cards won't help you search your deck for the right cards to pull off Ritual Summons reliably, this deck won't really stand much of a chance. We should mention, however, that Shinobird's Calling allows you to Ritual Summon by banishing Spirits from your Graveyard, which is of course a much better option than discarding monsters. Filling your Graveyard with Spirits isn't all that easy, though and that's again where the support cards need to come in.

Spy in Secret Mission

The TCG exclusive "SPYRAL" archetype can look forward to a very important new card: SPYRAL Tough. While it's on the field or in your Graveyard, it's being treated as SPYRAL Super Agent and since half the deck requires you to control a Super Agent, the main drawback of the deck will suddenly be a lot less of a problem.