Set Information

The Sea and Sky Clash in Rising Rampage

Rising Rampage is Summer 2019's new booster pack, releasing smack in the middle of a heatwave on 25 July 2019! This latest Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set contains many new cards with a focus on new WATER and WIND attribute monsters. Dive into the Cybernetic seas with the Marincess archetype. Or brave the storm with the new Simorgh and Yosenju cards. But of course, there are a lot of other new cards to discover in this expansion as Rising Rampage contains 100 cards: eight Secret Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, 14 Super Rares, 20 Rares, and 48 Commons. Additionally, like every main set, it contains 10 new World Premier cards and 10 import cards that were previously exclusive to Japan.

Marincess Takes Center Stage

The Marincess archetype is the new cards used by Skye Zaizen (Aoi Zaizen in Japanese) in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, replacing her Trickstar deck. Marincess consists of WATER attribute Cyberse monsters that can Special Summon themselves from your hand when you control their Link Monsters. Additionally, they have Trap cards you can activate from your hand while controlling those Link Monsters. Their boss monster, Marincess Marbled Rock, is a Link 3 monster that can, once per turn, retrieve a Marincess from your GY and add it to your hand – while also protecting her allies when being attacked. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the Cyberse sea?

A Whole Arsenal of Legacy Support

Besides brand-new cards, Rising Rampage is stacked with new support for older themes. Yosenju players can add the new Yosenju Saburoukaze and Yosenju Izunamuchi* to their arsenal. These two Level 4 Yosenju monsters have awesome effects from protecting your Yosenju monsters from card effects; searching your deck for their Pendulum Monsters, like Mayosenju Daibak or the new Mayosenju Hitotsumenomuraji*; or just drawing you some cards.

Simorgh, the cover card of the 2006 Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm, is back and he’s not alone, bringing a whole flock of new feathered allies. Take Darkness Simorgh* for example. By Tributing one WIND Winged-Beast, he can negate and destroy any Spell or Trap card.

Last but not least, even the Reptiliannes get a new Tuner monster. Reptilianne Hydraling* focuses on making it easier to get both Vaskii and Hydra out on the field.

All these aren't even close to everything you can find in Rising Rampage! Be sure to get your hands on the brand-new cards of this set. It has an MSRP of $ 3.99 (approx. 3,99 €) per booster pack.

*English names not confirmed