Set Information

Scars of Battles from the Past

The Speed Duel format finally got its third expansion on 1 August 2019. Scars of Battle gives us cards from three antagonists from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime – Bonz (Ghost in the Japanese version) and his zombie deck; Rex Raptor and his Dinosaur deck; and Bandit Keith (or simply known as "The K Man"). With five new Skill cards and 45 brand-new cards, Speed Dueling is getting a huge upgrade. Now let's take a closer look at what this set has to offer.

Three Villains Oh My!

Bandit Keith finally joins the Speed Duel together with his own Skill card, his signature Barrel Dragon, and his fan-favorite Trap card Metalmorph. With these and more terrifying Machine-type monsters to sick on his opponents, Keith will definitely rock the Speed Duel meta. Rex Raptor arrives with his brand-new Skill card Double Evolution Pill that can help quickly summon his Dinosaur army. Be careful or you'll end up getting trampled!

After his appearance in Arena of Lost Souls last March 2019, Bonz is finally back with a brand-new Skill card that can fill the graveyard with zombies. Servants of the Fallen King promises to build upon the Skull Servant archetype! Together with the powerful new card Book of Like, a card that revives zombies from your graveyard by banishing a card from your opponent's graveyard, Skull Servants will have what it takes to become relevant in the fast Speed Duel Format.

Speed Dueling Is an Evolving Format

Originally a mobile game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links came to the YGO trading card game earlier this year as Speed Dueling. Speed Duel is an evolving format, every new set changes a lot since the cardpool is still extremely small. With 50 new cards (34 commons, eight super rares, eight ultra rares) to fuel the format we can't wait to see how the meta gets shaken up by Scars of Battle. Each pack has an MSRP of 0,99 €.