Set Information

Secret Slayers Welcomes You to the Cursed Land of El Dorlando!

Secret Slayers is the new addition to the 60-card all-foil sets and contains three brand new strategies and reprints of existing cards that provide further support. This new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set features a brand new Zombie archetype focusing on Trap monsters, a new Plant deck, and the Synchro Summoning Rock types called Adamatia.

The set contains 60 cards with 20 Secret Rares and 40 Super Rares.

The Golden Curse of Eldlich

One of the new themes in Secret Slayers actually spans three different archetypes: Eldlich, Eldlixir and Golden Land. But don’t worry, they all work perfectly together!

There is only ONE Monster card. Eldlich the Golden Lord* is a Level 10 zombie clad in solid gold. Most of his effects are triggered by sending Spell/Trap cards from your hand to the GY which fits the Eldlich archetype perfectly. All of the Golden Land Trap monsters and Eldlixir cards can banish themselves from the graveyard to set a card of the other theme directly from your deck. All Eldlixir cards also allow you to summon Eldlich the Golden Lord* from your deck or grave while the Golden Land cards get bonuses if you control the said Golden Lord. In this case, all that glitters is indeed gold.

Enter the Glittering Caves of Adamatia

Deep in the underground lurk the Adamatia Crysta monsters waiting to be awakened. And that’s just what the Adamatia Tuner monsters do: Excavate the top five cards of your deck and Special Summon one of the excavated Level 4 or lower Rock-type monsters. This is where the fun starts!

The Adamatia are focused around Synchro Summoning the Adamatia Rise cards which continue the trend of excavating cards from the top of your deck. Adamatia Rise - Raptite* summons one of the excavated Rock-types while Adamatia Rise - Leonite*  adds one of the excavated Adamatia cards to your hand. Last but definitely not least is the Adamatia boss monster Adamatia Rise - Dragite*, which excavates the top five cards from your deck and returns cards your opponent controls to the hand up to the number of Rock monsters excavated!

The new archetypes in this set are sure to shine bright. MSRP for a Secret Slayers booster pack (five cards each) is $3.99 (est. 3,99 €).

*English names not confirmed.