Set Information

Familiar Clouds Darken the Sky in Soul Fusion

Soul Fusion, the next main booster pack in the YGO TCG, hits the market on 18 October 2018. This latest expansion introduces new archetypes from the anime, like the Salamangreat and Dinowrestler, as well as support for existing themes, such as the Gravekeeper's, Galaxy, Noble Knights, and Danger! Soul Fusion contains 100 cards with eight Secret Rares, ten Ultra Rares, 14 Super Rares, 20 Rares, and 48 Commons.

Be Ready for the Orchestra of Doom and a Dragon Seeking Vengeance

One of the most iconic cards from back in the day – Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon – not only makes a comeback in Soul Fusion, but also gets upgraded based on its simple but powerful effect of discarding itself to search for two more Thunder Dragons. Thus, the new Thunder Dragons are all about gaining advantage by discarding and banishing themselves with Superbolt Thunder Dragon as one of the powerful new additions to the family. The card is a Fusion Monster that can easily be summoned by Tributing a non-Fusion Thunder Effect Monster during the same turn that a Thunder monster’s effect was activated in the hand. As a result, you’ll end up with a 2600 ATK monster that prevents your opponent from adding cards from their deck to their hand (except by drawing them). Some other new cards have been proven to be very strong in the OCG, so definitely keep an eye out for them when they come out in the TCG.

Soul Fusion also introduces a new archetype called Orphegel, an army of DARK Machine-types who banish themselves from the Graveyard to Special Summon their allies. But how are you going to get your banished Orphegels back? With their Link Monsters of course, which have different effects that can be activated by returning certain numbers of your banished Machine-types to your deck. Such card in this new archetype is Orphegel Galatea, a Link 2 monster who allows you to set an Orphegel Spell or Trap directly from your deck. Then, there is Link 3 Orphegel Longirus who can send one of your opponent’s linked monster to the Graveyard. Finally, the Link 4 Orphegel boss monster Orphegel Orchestrion is able to reduce all your opponent’s linked monsters into 0/0 effectless minions! This seems pretty sweet and effective against all the extra link combos going on nowadays.

But Wait, There’s More!

The brand new Danger! cards, introduced in Cybernetic Horizon, receives its second wave of support in Soul Fusion. With Card Destruction and Morphing Jar fresh off the banlist, will we see the Danger! archetype taking over the meta? Or will the new wave of Noble Knight cards, also coming out in this set, be able to take them on? Find out by playing around with the new cards in this latest Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion.