Set Information

Are You up to the Challenges in Trials of the Kingdom?

The finals for the Duelist Kingdom tournament are here and the best duelists in the world are gathering to test their mettle! Speed Duels: Trials of the Kingdom features previously seen duelists but with brand-new Skill cards, as well as new main deck cards like Don Zaloog, Parasite Paranoid, and The Legendary Fisherman II. The set contains 51 cards; nine Ultra Rares, eight Super Rares and 34 Commons, five of them being Skill Cards. Each pack contains four cards and the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $1.49 (approx. 1,35 €).

Mako's Terrifying New Skill

One of the returning duelists is the one and only deep sea duelist Mako Tsunami! His new Skill is called Terror from the Deep!, which revolves all around his ace-monster Kairyu-Shin, making its debut in this set. If you control a Kairyu-Shin when activating this Skill, you can activate an Umi straight from your hand, deck, or GY making all the WATER monsters you control unaffected by Trap effects. Additionally, when your Kairyu-Shin gets destroyed, you draw two cards!

More New Speed Duel Strategies

But Mako's new Skill isn't the only terror included in this set. Bonz (aka "Ghost" Kotsuzuka) is back with the ability to apply Zombie Master's revival effect on any Zombie-type monster you control, making all of your zombies their own master! Other new main deck cards in this expansion include the "golden oldy" Don Zaloog, who can either discard one card from your opponent's hand or mill the top two cards from their deck. Magician of Black Chaos also makes his Speed Duel debut!

Be sure to pick up the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! set Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom, releasing on 5 December 2019!