Name: Spirit Warriors
Number of Cards: 60
Release Date: November 16, 2017
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese

This is the rarity distribution for Spirit Warriors:
20 Secret Rares / 40 Super Rares

Set Information

The Spirit Warriors Have Come Forth!

Spirit Warriors blasts their way into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG metagame as a 60-card Booster Pack. The new expansion will feature 40 Super Rare cards and 20 Secret Rare cards with each pack containing four Super Rares and one Secret Rare. An individual booster pack has an expected MSRP of $3.99 (est. 3,43€).

Released on 16 November 2017, this new expansion features two brand new archetypes: Magical Musket and The Weather. In addition, it adds support to a fan favorite, the Six Samurai archetype. The new Six Samurai cards work perfectly with older cards and can easily be slotted into to your Six Samurai deck to give it that extra boost of power it has been missing since Gateway of the Six was limited.

The Shadows of the Six Samurai

Japanese storytelling has always connected samurai with ninjas. The samurai were labeled as the noble face of feudal Japan and the ninjas operated alongside them in the shadows. Well, the Six Samurai are getting their own “ninja” with the brand-new Secret Six Samurai cards. These six new cards cover the six Yu-Gi-Oh attributes, which enables a brand new Samurai Card: The Six Shinobi. This new card allows Six Samurai players to skip their opponent’s turn, but only if they control a Six Samurai card of every attribute.

The new Secret Six Samurai are also quite interesting as they have numerous powerful effects that involve summoning creatures from the deck, grave, and banish zone, as well as banishing themselves from the grave to protect your field. Secret Six Samurai – Fuma, for example, is a one-star tuner that special summons a Six Samurai monster from your deck when it is destroyed. In addition, once it is in your graveyard, you can banish it to negate the activation of a card effect that destroys exactly one card you control.

Lastly, there is one new fusion Samurai Card, Secret Six Samurai – Rihan, which summons itself without polymerization using three Six Samurai cards with different attributes. These new cards go a long way to helping your Six Samurai deck compete with modern decks and should keep Six Samurai fans happy until Konami finally manages to un-limit Gateway.

Rain, Snow, or Shine: The Weather Painters

The first new archetype added in this 60-card expansion are the Weather Painters. They function by playing continuous spell and trap cards from their deck that allow them to use their creatures to control the field. They are also the only archetype in this set to receive a new Link Monster: The Weather Painter Rainbow, which has powerful links and an effect to match – it allows any weather painter it points to banish itself to negate any effect or card activation and destroy the corresponding card.

Coupled with creatures like The Weather Painter Snow, which can, like all Weather creatures, resummon itself every turn when banished by a Weather effect, and powerful continuous spell cards like The Weather Snowy Canvas, you have the makings of a potentially powerful lockdown archetype. It remains to be seen, however, whether there are enough support cards to make these cards easily accessible and whether it is easy enough to summon The Weather Painter Rainbow, which requires a whopping three Weather Painters to summon.

Musketeers and Magic

The other new archetype featured in Spirit Warriors also happens to be control-oriented. Magical Musket offers an alternate style of control from the Weather Painters with cards like their secret rare boss card, Magical Musket Mastermind Zakiel. He, and all Magical Musketeer creatures, feature a static effect that allows their controller to activate Magical Musket trap cards like Magical Musket – Last Stand. This card is a counter trap that can negate any opposing spell or trap, provided you control a Magical Musketeer monster. The fact that you can activate powerful traps like this from the hand means opponents will gain little to no information from your field presence. Instead, they will have to rely only on the number of cards as their information. The ability to play traps from your hand is obviously powerful and, given the right set of trap cards, could make for a top-tier control deck.

Overall, this new set brings a good mix of the old and the new. It is worth picking up if you want to either try out these new archetypes or to upgrade/build a Six Samurai deck. So, get ready to sleeve up your new spirit warriors and take down all those Zoodiac and SPYRAL decks plaguing the metagame.