Name: Star Pack: VRAINS
Number of Cards: 50
Release Date: March 30, 2018
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Set Information

Geists, Code Talkers, Gouki, and Trickstars Collide in Star Pack VRAINS

Konami is back with another Star Pack, giving players valuable reprints along with shiny new Starfoil Rare versions of their favorite cards. This set has 50 cards and each three-card pack you buy comes with two Commons and one Starfoil Rare. There are 49 Commons that can also appear as Starfoil Rares, along with one card exclusively available as a Starfoil Rare. The set features reprints for the Altergeist, Code Talker, Gouki, and Trickstar archetypes, giving players cheap access to some of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s strongest link archetypes. Each booster pack has a manufacturer standard retail price (MSRP) of a whopping 0,99 €, so expect cards from this set to be cheap!

A Code Talker for Every Occasion

One significant reprint in Star Pack VRAINS is Decode Talker, a signature VRAINS card that cost close to 30,00 € before the Link Structure Deck was released. It still cost four to five euros before being spoiled in Star Pack VRAINS. These prices are unacceptable for the signature card of the link era and Konami has figured this out, offering a reprint in Star Pack VRAINS, which has helped reduce the cost of this essential card. The Code Talker archetype is also getting some of its best Cyberse monsters, including Linkslayer and Cyberse Wizard. Players will, therefore, have access to Yusei's favorite piercing damage-dealer and anti-backrow beater. 

Altergeists, Goukis, and Trickstars Oh My!

Code Talkers aren't the only cards in the spotlight here. Altergeists stormed in with powerful trap reprints like Altergeist Camouflage, which provided valuable support, preventing their destruction, negating opposing monster effects, and preventing your opponent from attacking the equipped monster. Other Altergeists like Altergeist Kunquery and Altergeist Marionetter give buyers access to the monsters Camouflage protects.

Gouki and Trickstars aren't left behind either. Gouki is getting Gouki the Great Ogre and Gouki Thunder Ogre, ensuring cheap access to the extra deck monsters of this VRAINS era archetype. Trickstars are getting, among many others, Trickstar Lilybell and Trickstar Lycoris. Furthermore, the Trickstar Field Spell, Trickstar Lightstage, allows players to tutor any Trickstar from their deck when activated, making it a rather powerful tutor for a Field Spell.