Set Information

Tap into Your Primal Strength with the Ultimate Predators

1 August 2019 marks the release of a brand-new Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators. Let's give a round of applause and welcome Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood to the Speed Dueling scene. Big dinosaurs or creeping insects – which side will you be on? Each Speed Duel Starter Deck contains two 30-card decks (one for Weevil and one for Rex), two Ultra Rare variant cards, and four new Skill cards (two for each deck). Also included are sample decklists designed to make the most out of each Skill included.

The Revived Serpent Night Dragon

One of Rex’s classic ace monsters is the Serpent Night Dragon. Ultimate Predators not only includes this DARK monster, but it also comes with a never before seen Skill card to go with dragon monster! Then there's Nightmare Sonic Blast! that unlocks Serpent Night Dragon’s hidden potential to wipe out your opponent’s defenses. Imagine how powerful this deck is.

Rex’s other skill revolves around his favorite monster type: dinosaurs. Dinosaur Kingdom gives you access to Jurassic World, a Field Spell card to boost your dinosaurs’ stats and flatten the opposition into the ground.

The Parasite and the Moth

The phrase "small but deadly" perfectly sums up Weevil’s approach. While Rex relies on his big dinos, Weevil dispatches his arsenal of bugs and parasites to win his duels. His first Skill card, Hidden Parasite, can send your opponent to a state of catatonic shock while all of their monsters transform into insects because of Parasite Paracide’s effect. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth, Weevil’s ultimate ace card, also makes a comeback in the new Speed Duel Starter Decks. Normally you’d have to wait for six turns for your Petit Moth to transform into this 3500 ATK monstrosity. But with the new Hyper Metamorphosis Skill card, you can lend nature a helping hand and get your Moth out quicker than ever before!

Remember though that you can only use cards with the special Speed Duel mark in your Speed Duel deck. However, you can still use your Speed Duel cards in regular duels. Expect the MSRP for this product to be $ 9.99 (approx. 8,80 €).