Set Information

New Recruits for the Machina Army in Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness

The Machina soldiers are next in line to receive an upgraded Structure Deck, based on the Structure Deck: Machina Mayhem Command deck from 2010. This latest Structure Deck contains two Ultra Rares, three Super Rares, and 37 Commons including both reprints and new cards.

The Citadel of the Cybernetic Army

Every Structure Deck needs a cover card, and this time it's the powerful Machina Citadel*. Citadel is a Level 10 Machine-type monster that Special Summons itself from the graveyard when another EARTH Machine-type is destroyed. The new Spell card Machina Defense Region* protects your cards from your opponent's removal while additionally retrieving your fallen comrades from your grave to replenish the self-destruction and discard effects of your other Machina cards.

On Land and Through the Air

Two of the new Machina monsters are Machina Air Raider* and Machina Irradiator*. Both are Level 8 machines that can Special Summon themselves from your hand by discarding another Machine type. Additionally, during your opponent's turn, they can Special Summon another Machina monster from your deck by destroying another one of your Machine monsters (including themselves).

It's okay if your hand isn't set up right as well, as Machina Reformation* is there to help you out. It has two effects that either let you search your deck for two Machina monsters or two Machina cards with different names then, naturally, add them to your hand. This strategy can definitely fill up your graveyard to your advantage!

Do you have what it takes to take command of the Machina army? Pick up your copy to find out!

*English names not official.