Set Information

Pendulum Duelists Receive Gifts from Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters

Order of the Spellcasters is a brand-new Structure Deck offering support for the well-known Pendulum mechanic. Pendulum Monsters made a huge impact the second it arrived, changing the up-till-then most unchanged Yu-Gi-Oh! field by adding two extra zones. Every format since then has featured a Pendulum deck, focusing on the Pendulum Summon which allows players to quickly flood the board. Now for the first time since their introduction, we have a Pendulum deck that can easily win a match without Pendulum Summoning even once.

Counters for the Whole Spellcasting Party!

The new Spellcaster Pendulum Monsters focus on Spell Counters. For every Spell you activate, your monsters gain Spell Counters. You can remove these counters from your monsters or Pendulum Scale and trigger their effects. Magister of Endymion is a prime example because when he is in your Pendulum Scale, you can remove three Spell Counters to Special Summon both him and a face-up monster from your extra deck. Then both monsters get a Spell Counter. During your opponent's turn, you can also remove three Spell Counters from Magister of Endymion to Special Summon a monster from your deck. These effects are extremely useful for building up your field. Being able to summon himself and a card from your extra deck makes it really easy to combo into extra deck monsters. Plus, he's able to Special Summon the boss monster Endymion, the Founding Sorcerer Supreme from your deck during your opponent's turn when you need to negate Spells and Traps by removing Spell Counters! Magister Endymion is only a small part of the deck though. Servant of Endymion is another key Pendulum Monster that can Special Summon itself and another monster from your deck by also removing three Spell Counters.

Prepare for a New Spellcasting Order

Combine all these powerful Pendulum Monsters together with other popular cards ike the Mythical Beast monsters or Pendulum Magicians to get one of the strongest Pendulum decks to date. A very versatile deck, able to swarm and OTK your opponent, while playing defense with strong negations, Order of the Spellcasters has it all.

Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters releases on 25 April 2019 with 41 cards in the main deck and one card in the extra deck. The deck contains many other Endymion cards as well as reprints of past supports for the Spell Counter system.