Set Information

Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt is Mightier than the Sword

While the previous character themed Structure Deck was focused around Soulburner and his Salamangreat cards, this summer's Structure Deck is all about Varis' Borrel and Rokket Dragons. It includes the brand new Link monsters and a new Fusion monster: Borreload Furious Dragon. Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt contains 46 cards; 40 main deck cards and a 6 card Extra Deck.

The Silver Bullet

Rokket monsters are DARK Dragon-types that can destroy and replace themselves when targeted by a Link Monster's effect and gain extra effects when they do. Take Magnarokket Dragon, reprinted in this Structure Deck. It special summons another Rokket monster from your deck when it's destroyed. One new Rokket monster is Silverrokket Dragon which, upon destruction, lets you banish a card from your opponent's Extra Deck!

Additionally, like most Rokket monsters, Silverrokket Dragon also replaces itself during the end phase of the turn it got destroyed. Of course, this card is not the only new Rokket card included in Rokket Revolt! Take a look at Exploderokket Dragon, who can inflict a 2000 damage burn to both players when destroyed. No Rokket monsters to destroy and gain effects from? No problem, Rokket Tracer is here to help! Rokket Tracer can target one face-up card you control, including itself, destroy it, and special summon a Rokket monster from your deck to get your combos started.

Staring down the Borrel of a Gun

This deck isn't just about Rokket monsters though, because where there are Rokkets, there must also be Borrel monsters. The deck not only includes a reprint of Borreload Dragon, but also two brand new Borrel cards: Quadborrel Dragon, a new Link-2 monster, and Borreload Furious Dragon, the first ever Borrel Fusion monster. Borreload Furious Dragon's first effect is similar to the classic synchro monster; Scrap Dragon. Its second effect can be activated when it's in the Graveyard, being able to banish itself to revive a DARK Link monster from your grave!

The Borrel monsters fight side by side with the Topologic monsters. The cover card for Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt is the Link-4 Topologic Zeroboros. Zeroboros is a 3000 ATK behemoth, who gains an extra 200 attack points for each banished card. Whenever a monster is special summoned to a zone any Link monster points to, it banishes all cards on the field! Then, during your next standby phase, Zeroboros returns to your field as if nothing happened.

Are you ready to wield these destructive forces? Then be sure to mark August 15th on your calendar, to snag a copy of Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt.