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Be Careful with Open Fire When Using Structure Deck: Soulburner

...because the first Structure Deck of 2019 is a hot one, literally! Structure Deck: Soulburner revolves around the Salamangreat archetype, FIRE attribute Cyberse monsters born from the hottest flames you can find in the Yu-gi-oh! world. This expansion comes with 40 main deck cards and six extra deck cards, including three Ultra Rares and four Super Rares. All this can be yours for an estimated manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $ 9,99 (approx. 8,70 €). So, what can the Salamangreats do?

Enter the Salamangreat Sanctuary

The Salamangreat strategy is unique in that their boss monsters gain extra devastating effects when a monster of the same name is used as its material. Take Salamangreat Heatleo for example, which receives an exclusive alternate artwork in this Structure Deck. Heatleo is the big bad boss monster of the Salamangreat clan. When another Heatleo is used to Link Summon this Link 3 monster, the ATK of any monster on the field can become the ATK of a monster in your graveyard. Normally, it isn’t possible to use a Link Monster to summon the same exact monster again, but that’s where Salamangreat Sanctuary comes into play. As a Field Spell, it allows you to use a Salamangreat that you already control to Link Summon another monster with same name as the entire material.

The Ever Expanding Salamangreat Clan

As usual with Structure Decks, Soulburner contains a fiery arsenal of brand-new cards as well. Salamangreat Gazelle sprints onto your field when another one of your Salamangreat is sent to the GY, providing you with another free material for your other Link Monsters. Furthermore, upon being normal or Special Summoned, Gazelle sends a Salamangreat monster from your deck to the grave.

Don’t be fooled by Salamangreat Veilynx’s looks! This little Link 1 kitty is one of the combo starters of the deck, needing only 1 Level 4 or lower Salamangreat card. When summoned, it searches your deck for a copy of Salamangreat Sanctuary. Additionally, when it’s in your GY, it can banish itself to prevent the destruction of your Salamangreat cards.

Long story short, Structure Deck: Soulburner leaves your opponents burnt to a crisp! In the OCG, the Salamangreat are already making quite a scene, proving to be an amazing strategy. So ignite the inferno of the Salamangreat yourself, when Structure Deck: Soulburner releases on 14 February 2019.