Set Information

Get Ready to Return to Zombie World with Structure Deck: Zombie Horde

Following Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness is the revisited version of the Zombie World Deck from 2008. The Zombie-type monsters have been getting a lot of support this 2018, and this Structure Deck will be no exception. Bringing lots of new tools to play around with, duelists will be focusing on the Zombie World strategy.

The new boss monster, Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon, will be on the cover box. The card is a level 7 Synchro monster that Special Summons a zombie from either players' graveyard to your field when another zombie monster is destroyed by battle. Of course, you can combo this with the Zombie World Field Spell, which changes all monsters on the field and both graveyards to Zombie-types. But besides this new boss monster, the deck has a lot more to offer – a reusable Spell Card to take control of your opponent’s monsters, a monster that allows you to activate a Zombie World directly from your deck, and so much more.

Check back in early October 2018 to learn more about the new cards and strategies in this Structure Deck: Zombie Horde!