Set Information

Make a Return Trip to Zombie World with the New Structure Deck: Zombie Horde

In 2008, the Zombie World Structure Deck was released. Yu-Gi-Oh! players were introduced to Zombie World, a powerful Field Spell card that changed every monster on the field or graveyard into zombies. Ten years later in 2018, players can return to Zombie World and discover all kinds of new strategies revolving this card – not to mention, all the undead creatures lurking in it. Structure Deck: Zombie Horde contains 42 cards, including two Ultra Rares and three Super Rares.

The Things That Lurk in the Red River

Structure Deck: Zombie Horde explores the deepest reaches of Zombie World, salvaging several, never before seen creatures from its murky waters.

The well-known Glow-Up Bulb has finally bloomed! Transforming into Glow-Up Bloom*, this Level 1 Zombie Tuner monster searches your deck for a Level 5 or higher Zombie monster when sent to the graveyard. Furthermore, if you control Zombie World, you can Special Summon the Level 5 or higher Zombie from the deck instead.

What if you have no Zombie World on the field? No problem! This Structure Deck is packed with cards to help you get this Field Spell out in no time. Not only will it include reprints of cards like Terraforming and Metaverse, but the set also has a neat little card called Otherworldly Banshee*. This ghostly lady can banish herself from your field or graveyard to activate Zombie World directly from your deck.

The Spirit King and the Necro Dragon

A Structure Deck is nothing without a boss monster. That’s why Zombie Horde gives us not one, but two new powerful Zombies to add to our undead arsenal! First up is Drochshúile the Spirit King*, a Zombie behemoth that can Special Summon itself from the graveyard if any player controls a Field Spell. But he won’t just sit there after being revived. Once per turn, when a Zombie monster’s effect is activated, Drochshúile is able to either negate that effect or banish a monster on the field or in the grave.

The other Zombie boss introduced in this deck is Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon*. This DARK Level 7 Synchro Monster is not only easy to bring out, but also lets you Special Summon a Zombie from yours or your opponent's graveyard when another Zombie is destroyed by battle. Of course, both monsters unlock their full potential with a copy of Zombie World on the field, giving you the ability to negate your opponent’s effects and steal monsters from their graveyard.

Structure Deck: Zombie Horde releases on 1 November 2018, so get your Zombies out and join the Horde!

*English name not official.