Set Information

The Dark Illusion is the Yu-Gi-Oh! set following Shining Victories. The set is scheduled for an August 2016 release and it will most likely pick up many of the themes that SHVI first introduced. Since the cards have already been released in Japan in the Original Card Game (OCG), we can already confirm that there will be more support for the "Lunalight" monsters. Fans of the "Amorphage" and "Digital Bug" archetypes will have to hope for some TCG Exclusives - cards that will only be included in the TCG version of the expansion - to improve their chances to win tournaments.

The set also introduces two brand new archetypes: The "Metalphosis" as well as the "Tramid" monsters. Just like the Igknights, all of the "Metalphosis" monsters are Normal Pendulum Monsters with an effect that allows you to destroy another card on the field to search your deck. Unlike the Igknights, though, you can destroy any face-up card to search your deck and set a "Metalphosis" Spell or Trap Card directly from there.

The "Tramid" archetype consists of EARTH Rock-Type monsters and it makes use of *several* Field Spell Cards. This might sound a bit controversial at first, however, all of these Field Spell Cards have effects that trigger when they are being sent from the field to the graveyard. So most of the time, you actually want them to be sent to the graveyard.

We will publish more information about The Dark Illusion as soon as we come across it, so make sure to check back regularly.