Name: The Dark Side of Dimensions Number of cards: 57 Release Date: 21 / July / 2016 This is the rarity distribution for The Dark Side of Dimensions: 57 Ultra Rares

Set Information

The accompanying Movie Pack for the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie The Dark Side of Dimensions was released in Japan on April the 23rd. The European release of the set will be the 21st of July, even though no release date for the movie has been announced despite "late 2016".

The Trading Card Game version of the Movie Pack will consist of 57 Ultra Rares, only 4 of which have been released before. These 4 cards will be released with an alternative artwork, though, making them a lot more interesting for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG collectors.

The set will feature at least two new smaller theme decks. Fans of Dark Magician Girl can look forward to a number of "siblings" seeing the light of day. Many of them can be summoned rather effortlessly and they can in turn allow you to search your deck for other "Dark Magician Girl" monsters or Special Summon them.

The Movie Pack also introduces the "Cubic" archetype. This theme deck is heavily depending on the Battle Phase. Many of the monsters can attack multiple times during the Battle Phase and then allow you to Special Summon copies of "Vijam, the Cubic Spawn". This card can then help you to bring out the higher level "Cubic" monsters and take control of the game. While the archetype appears to be very dependent on just one card, it does hold a lot of potential.

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Closed-Cardmarket-Account-235539(04.06.2016 18:28)

yes!!number1~45 maybe the same as ocg they will be in this set.

BKXVIII(05.05.2016 14:48)

Any one know if we are getting gold and silver gadget in this set?