Set Information

Meet the Clan of the Evil Eye in Infinity Chasers!

The all-foil set Infinity Chasers, released on 21 March 2019, introduces three brand-new archetypes to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. And they're a colorful bunch! Ranging from a demon clan obsessed with an artifact called the Evil Eye to magical "arts-and-crafts" girls. This set includes 20 Secret Rares and 40 Super Rares, totalling up to 60 cards consisting of both new cards and needed reprints of older cards.

Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble with Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a new spellcaster archetype, revolving around discarding Spell cards from your hand to activate card effects. The first card showing off this strategy is Witchcraft Poterie*, which can Special Summon any Witchcraft monster from your deck by Tributing itself and discarding one Spell. As you might have guessed, in a deck that revolves around discarding cards, recycling is key! That's where Poterie's second effect comes in. You can banish her from your graveyard to add another Witchcraft card from the graveyard back to your hand. Witchcraft Bystreet* and Witchcraft Scroll* are two Continuous Spells that support the Witchcraft strategy by substituting for the card you would normally discard for their effects. That's right! Scroll and Bystreet can be sent from the field to the graveyard instead of discarding a card to your Witchcraft monsters. Of course, they wouldn't be very good if that was all you could use them for. When Scroll or Bystreet are in your graveyard, if you control a Witchcraft monster, you can activate them from the graveyard once again! And that's just the beginning of what this expansion has to offer.

Seeing the World through the Evil Eye

The Evil Eye cards are an archetype of DARK Fiend monsters that revolve around the Equip Spell: Evil Eye of Selene. The Evil Eye grants the equipped monster extra effects, but at a price... Serziel, Watcher of the Evil Eye is one of the key cards of the deck. When Normal Summoned, he allows you to search for an Evil Eye card from your deck and put the said card into your hand. This is, of course, an ideal way of getting Evil Eye of Selene in your hand immediately. If Serziel is equipped with the Evil Eye, you can destroy one of your opponent's Special Summon Monsters each turn. But with great power comes great cost. When the next turn rolls around after activating this effect, you're forced to destroy one of your own cards. The Evil Eye boss Link Monster, Zerachiel, King of the Evil Eye, is set on world domination! When he is equipped with the Evil Eye, he can destroy any card your opponent controls. Then the turn after, he negates the effects of one of the monsters his Link arrows point to. With an up arrow, that probably isn't a bad thing!

The Evil Eye cards have powerful effects: banishing cards from the graveyard, Special Summoning from the deck, and backrow destruction. But all these effects depend on whether you control the Evil Eye of Selene. It might prove to be a very challenging deck to play, but comes with an amazing pay-off!

If you want a taste of the power that the Evil Eye has to offer or you simply want to work on a masterpiece with the Witchcraft monsters, Infinity Chasers has you covered. Each booster pack (with five cards each) has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $ 3.99 (approx. 3,99 €).

*English names not official.