Set Information

Get Ready to Revisit Toon World with Toon Chaos

Toon monsters have been a fan favorite ever since their debut in Magic Ruler way back in 2002. Many famous monsters have been getting the Toon treatment over the years like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Buster Blader and Dark Magician. This time around, the Comic Hand gets a hold of one of the most powerful warriors in Yu-Gi-Oh! history! Besides new Toons, Toon Chaos also introduces the Infernoble Knights to the TCG and new Chaos versions of existing monsters! To top it all off, the immensely popular Pot of Extravagance finally receives a reprint in this set.

Toon Chaos consists of 10 Ultra Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 35 Rares. Additionally, 15 of these cards are released as Collector’s Rares, a brand-new rarity previously exclusive to Japan. This set has an MSRP of $ 3.99 (3,68 €) per booster pack.

Merry Mayhem of Mighty Monsters

As the only warrior that could rival the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Black Luster Soldier, has gotten a lot of support in the past years. But even this mighty warrior has fallen into the clutches of Toon World. Toon Chaos makes Toon Black Luster Soldier a reality! This brand-new Toon will be an equivalent to Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, able to banish any monster that your opponent controls.

Toon Chaos includes even more Toon support to provide much more stability and speed to this fan favorite deck. Toons already have an abundance of searching and consistency effects with previously released cards like Toon Dark Magician, Toon Table of Contents and Red-Eyes Toon Dragon, but when their Toon Kingdom gets destroyed it’s all over. Hopefully, Toon Black Luster Soldier also brings some Spell and Trap protection along with him.

Noble Knights Set Ablaze!

Toon Chaos gives us a taste of the new Infernoble Knights that’ll make their full debut in the next core set: Rise of the Duelist (6 August 2020). These fiery knights revolve around Synchro Summoning and equipping both Equip spells and themselves to other monsters you control.

The first one revealed is Infernoble Knight - Roland who can equip himself to one of your monsters as a quick effect, giving them 500 ATK. However, that’s not all he does: During the end phase of the turn where he was sent to the GY, you can add 1 FIRE Warrior monster or 1 Equip Spell from your deck to your hand. And while Roland searches the deck, Infernoble Knight - Renaud helps you retrieve your fallen comrades or equips from grave or banished zone upon being Special Summoned. To make it even better, Renaud can Special Summon himself from hand as a Tuner, if you control another FIRE Warrior.

Don’t forget these Infernoble Knights also count as Noble Knights, so they are also supported by powerful existing cards like Heritage of the Chalice, Noble Knight Medraut, and Glory of the Noble Knights. This new archetype gets a big headstart into the game.

So grab your Toon Briefcase and get ready to leave for Toon World when Toon Chaos releases on 18 June 2020.