Age of Numerons


Battles of Legends: Armageddon has dropped last week and introduced us to the Numeron archetype. Will a couple of Rank 1 Xyz monsters impact the metagame? Is this a deck or an engine? Where can it fit? So many questions that we will explore together. Welcome to the age of Numerons!

Card Breakdown

First of all, what do Numerons do? Numerons are divided into the following: one effect monster, two spell cards, and five Xyz monsters. That's it, that is the entire core. Let us start off with the lone effect monster, Numeron Wall. Wall is a very interesting card. Its primary purpose is to act as a better Terraforming. It activates your Numeron Network Field Spell from either hand or deck if you send this card from your hand or field to the graveyard while you do not control any cards on the field. Not only is it a quick effect that you can activate during either player's turn, but it also dodges cards such as Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Effect Veiler, and almost any other hand trap. Apart from that, it has another overlooked effect that allows you to special summon it from your hand if you take any battle damage in order to end the Battle Phase. Not bad at all for a monster with zero attack and defense!

Next, we move to the deck's engine room, the spell cards Numeron Network and Numeron Calling. Network allows you to send one Numeron normal spell card from your deck to the graveyard to copy its effect. The way the card is worded might be a hint that Numerons will get more spell cards in the future. (Although I am still waiting for a Nekroz trap card.) Network also allows you to bypass the cost of Numeron Xyz monsters to detach materials in order to activate effects. Numeron Calling, whether activated from hand or sent to the graveyard via Network, allows you to special summon up to four Numeron Xyz monsters to the field, but they are banished during the End Phase and you can only summon once more after that effect is activated.

numeron network numeron calling

Finally, we have the Xyz monsters themselves. Number 1: Numeron Gate Ekam, Number 2: Numeron Gate Dve, Number 3: Numeron Gate Trini, and Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari are basically the same monster. They all have the same rank, stats (1000 ATK and 100 DEF), and effects. They cannot be destroyed in battle, and every time they battle a monster you can either detach a material or not — if you have Network on the field — to double the attack of all Numeron monsters you control.

The last monster is Number C1: Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya. You can summon it by overlaying it over Ekam. Once summoned, all monsters on both sides of the field are banished including itself. Then during your next Standby Phase, it returns and can inflict damage equal to the combined attack of all of your banished Xyz monsters if you still control Numeron Network. Usually that is two or three monsters, resulting in two or three thousand points of damage. So, if you do not kill off your opponent by attacking, fend them off during their turn, and finish them off during your next turn. Scary stuff.

It sounds like the perfect One Turk Kill strategy. Your opponent has many monsters on the field? Your fourth Numeron monster will have 8000 attack. Your opponent has a big monster? Unless it cannot be destroyed by battle, you will run over it and still swing for some decent damage. Do you want to increase the damage output even more? In that case I will point out that all the Xyz monsters are machine monsters and Limiter Removal is a card.

numeron chaos gate sunya numeron wall

Numerons Are the New Invoked

Yes, Numerons are entirely different from the Invoked archetype and more or less serve different purposes, but they are similar in several ways. The first is that the number of Numeron cards in your deck will be somewhat limited — a maximum of nine cards excluding the ones in your Extra Deck — so they can be either an independent strategy or an engine in other decks. Invoked are very popular and are splashed into many decks such as Eldlich, Mekk-Knights, and even some variants of Prank-Kids. Numerons can arguably fit into more decks: Eldlich, Altergeist, Subterrors, even decks such as Heros and Mekk-Knights.

The other aspect of similarity concerns summoning limitations. Unlike Invoked, which thrive with decks that do not need their normal summon, Numerons thrive in decks that either do not need to summon monsters on their first turn, or those that prefer going second. Giving them the chance to go first is something I will talk about more a bit later.

Numerons and Friends

Do you remember that Numeron Calling only allows one additional summon after the Numeron monsters are summoned? Do you also remember that these monsters end up getting banished at the end of the turn? Also, Sunya is rather useless if you end up going first. This leads us to the following question: what can I use for my last summon that could put a lot of pressure on my opponent?

The primary answer is Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL. Apart from the fact that this card's summon cannot be negated and that it gains a thousand attack for each material — generally three to four — it has a rather unfair effect where you can detach a material during your opponent's turn to lower S0's attack while making sure that your opponent cannot activate any cards until the end of the turn. And imagine, all of this can be triggered via Numeron Network, which can be searched by four cards — Terraforming plus Wall — or seven cards if you include Planet Pathfinder.

Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL infinitrack fortress megaclops

Therefore, S0 enables so many decks to go first by threatening the opponents that they will basically lose a turn unless they manage to deal with it. As a result, OTK decks such as Heros that typically struggle going first now have a chance to play either first or second without worrying about the die roll. If they manage to go first and the opponent fails to respond to S0, the OTK comes crashing next turn. If they go second, they end up with more ways to do what they do best.

S0 however has a few problems. One of which is that players tend to summon four Numeron monsters from the Extra Deck before overlaying them to summon it. That makes S0 your fifth summon, meaning that your opponent can drop Nibiru, the Primal Being to lay waste to your plans. The second problem is that S0 is not immune to monster negation such as Infinite Impermanence and PSY-Framegear Gamma, or even cards such as Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Therefore, there is a good chance that players will build their decks with this particular problem in mind and try to play as many outs as possible to the lock.

Numerons also stole the new best friend of Zoodiacs, Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops. This card only needs three Xyz materials, meaning that you can summon only three Numerons and then overlay into this. This effectively protects you from Nibiru, although Megaclops is not affected by non-Xyz monster effects anyway. Also, Megaclops can revive your Numerons one by one from the graveyard by stealing your opponents' cards. If S0 gets touched by the Forbidden and Limited List, Megaclops will be its direct replacement. Some people even play both in addition to Number C1: Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya to broaden their options.

So far, the most competitive deck involving these new cards is Numeron Eldlich. Eldlich do not need to summon on their first turn, thus making way for the S0 lock while setting up the field for future plays. The concept is really simple, but the result is devastating.

Is a pure Numeron deck or a hybrid build the way to go? What other decks do you think can fit a Numeron engine? What variants are you testing for this format and what other decks do you think can benefit from Numerons? Let us know in the comments!

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andraalton(28.07.2020 18:58)

Sorry dear, when you said that numeron only revolves around 2 spell and 1 monster... Really forgot about Rank Up magics Numeron Force and Numeron fall?
Combine the zexal idea with the "utop-" brand and you not only can summom her properly dy rank-up drop, but gain a full-field negation in time of need. If negating Network is too risky in a precise moment (considered you may need it just on the field for c1) you can discard it for a xyz resurgam, zexal summon of why not, utopic dragon. Also, in the eventuality opponent board count negations to c1, you can use network to rank it up by spell, so neutralizing everything before the mass removal triggers. Pretty nasty i think

Daffel(28.07.2020 14:42)

Can´t you just skip the problem of Zexal being your fifth summon by just summoning 3 Numerons and then making zexal since you cant make 4 material Zexal anyway

Pharaoh7(28.07.2020 15:35)

Yes you can, but sometimes players do not think that the opponent has Nibiru (especially game 1) so there are instances where they get greedy

Zefile(29.07.2020 19:08)

Greedy in what way? The 4th numeron is useless as it dies at the end of the turn anyway and you can only special summon once after summoning the numerons, so you can't use it for anything

Pharaoh7(30.07.2020 08:17)

It depends, if you are going second, you want to try and push for the otk. So you summon more

LX3054(28.07.2020 11:27)

Megaclops can't summon the numbers back, cause they weren't summoned properly.

Pharaoh7(28.07.2020 12:29)

You are right. Apologies for the mistake.

Razmus(28.07.2020 10:56)

Can't believe that Apollousa wasn't mentionted as a possible go to card after Zexal is hit ;o

Pharaoh7(28.07.2020 12:28)

You are absolutely right. It skipped my mind actually. Even borreload and Borrelsword are other options ;)

JimmyMassaka(28.07.2020 10:20)

Noob deck