An Introduction to Common Charity


Earlier this year, Konami introduced a plethora of new alternate ways to play the game. The most popular of these is obviously Time Wizard, which is just an official way to play Goat, Edison, and other historic formats. However, Common Charity is still a very merry, fun format to play!

common charities

Common Charity is a format where every card in your deck must have been released at least once as a common. So while every other player is excited about an ultimate rare Fallen of Albaz in OTS 19, the Common Charity community, which I am a part of, is way more excited about a common print of Heroic Champion - Excalibur!

Back when Common Charity first saw play, people believed that Gouki was the undisputed best deck. However, as time has passed, the community has found a couple of more powerful, more consistent decks, while Gouki has settled into a solid tier two role. Here are some of those decks.

Lunalight (by Itsmetristan)

Lunalight has been considered the de facto best deck of the format since almost the start of Common Charity, and it's not hard to see why. Every single Lunalight card is legal. It has both extremely easy rank four access and very powerful fusion monsters that are hard to deal with. It can one-turn kill very easily. Plus, it has gotten a couple of buffs recently with the return of Lunalight Tiger to one and Fire Formation - Tenki to two.

Tenyi (by Diamond Dude)

Tenyi has also been considered one of the best decks in Common Charity since its inception. It boasts a very powerful resource loop and almost infinite extension. It utilizes a couple of cards that haven't seen any play in Advanced but are pretty scary here.

Prufinesse, the Tactical Trapper is our version of Swordsoul of Mo Ye. It banishes Blackout on summon, which makes a Tuner token, which, in turn, you can cash in for an instant level nine synchro play in Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys. This combined with Tenyi's uncanny ability to drop a Kaiju or Lava Golem on your field and then bounce it back with Vishuda makes it a very resilient midrange deck that prefers to go second.

Predaplant (by Diamond Dude)

The new support in Dimension Force combined with the common reprints from Legendary Duelists: Season 3 makes Predaplant a real deck. It tries to abuse Predaplant Ambulomelides, summoning it via Instant Fusion as often as possible. Since Instant Fusion is a one-card combo, the deck is on three copies of Keeper of Dragon Magic to help find it.

Once the deck gets rolling, it's very common to find yourself in a spot where you have a monster with a predator counter on your side of the field. In such cases, you can use Predaplant Byblisp in your graveyard to summon two copies of Linkuriboh and then make this deck's all star, Clock Lizard, which allows you to essentially revive Predaplant Dragostapelia.

Burn (by Lister)

In a slower format with little to no omni-negates and where people respect There Can Be Only One to the point where they play Cosmic Cyclone in their main decks, it's no surprise Burn performs well. But the deck has some tools that Chain Burn never did, like Mahaama the Fairy Dragon, which is essentially Gorz. However, instead of creating a token, it burns your opponent.

The last nine cards in the extra deck can be literally anything, as they're only there because of Pot of Extravagance. You can sometimes make Nothung with Mahaama and Back Jack and deal 800 extra damage. Otherwise, you'll be sending Back Jack to the graveyard with Linkuriboh.

Scrap (by Cho-Cathal-Ic)

Scrap positions itself in the metagame as the best rank four deck that can use There Can Be Only One. It is a very simple deck that can make rank fours very easily and also has access to the best trap cards in the game.

It also has access to a dinosaur package. After all, you already are on Fossil Dig to find Scrap Raptor, which is your one-card starter.

There are some other lists I haven't talked about. Decks like F.A., Pendulum, HERO, Megalith, U.A., Zombies, and Gouki can absolutely take down a tournament. If you are interested in learning more and playing some games, the Common Charity community would love to have you. You can find us on Discord!

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Ruijala(12.08.2022 09:20)

Hoping the megatins will reprint the rank5 xyz in common so I can have all the suships legal for this format. Maybe dropping some tenyi in it for extra power.

SuperMarioBros(22.07.2022 11:14)

I like the idea, but I hope there is a section in the rules where, for example: I have ash blossom ultra rare playset , can I still play them without spending another 60 euros for the common ones?

TeferiOfZhalfir(23.07.2022 12:37)(Edited: 23.07.2022 12:40)

According to the official ruleset: Yeah, you technically would have to pick up the common copies if you plan to play a hypothetical YCS side event.

According to common sense: No locals is going to enforce that. Also, 99% of Common Charity is played online.

That said, Ash Blossom is a very fringe card in Common Charity, it's gaining some popularity since LDS3 because it is very good against Predaplant, but it's by no means a staple. You can absolutely get away with playing a deck with no copies of Ash Blossom and win a tournament.

Also Ash Blossom will probably be reprinted in the Crystal Beast structure, which is amazing news for the format! There are a couple of cards we want reprinted as commons again, both because of price (Skill Drain, Ash Blossom, Droll & Lock Bird) or availability (Royal Decree is a side deck staple that was printed as a common exactly once 17 years ago and finding near mint copies is almost impossible)

Calista(21.07.2022 19:27)

I like the idea of the Predaplant deck, but Predapractice is definitely not legal.

TeferiOfZhalfir(21.07.2022 21:08)

Hi! Author here.

You are definitely correct, those were meant to be Predaplanning, not Predapractice. My bad!

Azdrerios(21.07.2022 16:47)

Oh my god, this is amazing. I never even knew this was a thing until now

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