Best-Selling Cards on Cardmarket, August 2021


Cardmarket has a section showing the best-selling cards on its website. Today we are taking a look at the most popular purchases as of August 29 and try to offer some analysis. Why are they in such a high demand? What trends are there to pick up on? What insight for future purchases can we glean?

Despian Quaeritis

#10: Beetrooper Sting Lancer

The full list of cards from Dawn of Majesty contains a few entries related to the new Beetrooper archetype. Starting off with an ultra rare card from the set, in tenth place we have Beetrooper Sting Lancer. Lancer has a couple of interesting effect. First, it can special summon itself from hand as a quick effect by targeting an insect monster in your graveyard and any monster in the opponent's graveyard. Once the summon is successful, the targeted cards are sent back to the bottom of their respective decks.

Beetrooper Sting Lancer

It is a good disruption effect as it prevents the opponent from accessing important monsters in the graveyard while at the same time putting a 2,400 attack body on the board and recycling one of your insect monsters. Additionally, when Lancer is normal or special summoned, you can add a Beetrooper spell or trap card from deck to hand. More often than not, Lancer will only be special summoned but it is a very versatile card and can be used in any insect deck, not necessarily in its own archetype only.

#9: Beetrooper Scale Bomber

Number nine on our list is another Beetrooper card from Dawn of Majesty. Beetrooper Scale Bomber is a level three monster that can special summon itself from hand when an insect monster is normal or special summoned to your field. Just like Lancer, Bomber can disrupt your opponent's plays. When an opponent's monster activates its effect, Bomber can tribute an insect monster—including itself—as a quick effect to destroy that monster.

Beetrooper Scale Bomber

#8: Beetrooper Scout Buggy

The most expensive Beetrooper card, Beetrooper Scout Buggy is your best normal summon. On summon, it can special summon a copy of itself from hand, deck, or graveyard. It locks you into insect monsters though. But being a level three monster, there are some good xyz options to go into. For example, Number 3: Cicada King can negate monster effects and change the battle position of an insect monster—itself included—which in turn allows you to special summon an insect monster from hand or graveyard. Hint: Beetrooper Sting Lancer is an excellent target to be special summoned.

Beetrooper Scout Buggy

Overall, Scout Buggie helps you swarm the field in order to set up your plays. You can even go into Seraphim Papillion to keep summoning monsters to your field.

#7: Despian Quaeritis

Not a Beetrooper card! Despian Quaeritis is an interesting card for Despia decks. It needs a Despia monster in addition to a light or dark monster. This makes it an excellent target for Super Polymerization. It has a quick effect to reduce the attack of all monsters that are non-fusion and less than level eight to zero. Also when it leaves the field, it can special summon any Despia monster or a Fallen of Albaz from the deck. While it is not really a powerful boss monster, it does offer a good disruption that could be used in the battle phase to render any potential attack useless.

Despian Quaeritis

#6: Chronomaly Vimana

I wrote about it in my previous article. Chronomaly Vimana is a rank five xyz monster with two effects. Its first effect allows you to boost the attack of any monster on the field by half the attack of a Chronomaly or xyz monster in that player's graveyard. The monster in the graveyard then becomes a material for said monster. This allows it to get over problematic monsters with high attack or helps it push for lethal damage.

Chronomaly Vimana

Once per turn during either player's turn, when the opponent activates a monster effect, you can detach two materials from this card to negate the activation. So we have a generic negation body with 2,300 attack that can boost its own attack. While Vimana's negation comes without destruction, it is still an incredible effect that will disrupt your opponent's plays.

#5: Beetrooper Armor Horn

More Beetropper cards! Beetrooper Armor Horn is a link two monster that locks you into insect monsters only. It grants you an additional normal summon and can special summon itself back from the graveyard for the cost of banishing three other insect monsters from the graveyard. In case it leaves the field after being summoned this way, it is banished.

Beetrooper Armor Horn

#4: Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas

One last Beetrooper card, Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas is the theme's boss monster. Like some other on-theme cards, it locks you into using only insect monsters. It is a 3,000 attack beatstick that can neither be destroyed nor targeted by the opponent's card effets as long as its attack doesn't go up. By tributing one insect monster, you get one of two choices: the first one allows you to summon a Beetrooper monster from your deck. The second effect makes Atlas gain 2,000 attack until the end of the turn, allowing you to beat over almost anything really.

Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas

The longer it remains on the field, the more it can help you dig deeper in your deck. And it might be difficult to get rid of Atlas as long as no one increases its attack!

#3: Magikey Beast - Ansyalabolas

Maybe not much of an impactful deck at the moment, but Magikey will get its time once Burst of Destiny arrives. Magikey Beast - Ansyalabolas is a fusion monster that can search the card's pseudo fusion/ritual spell Magikey Maftea back from the graveyard. It's effect might not be amazing—sadly as the art is amazing. But it can change monsters into the defense position as long as you have a Magikey monster or a normal monster with the same attribute in the graveyard. Also, that monster then loses 1,000 defense.

Magikey Beast - Ansyalabolas

The best part of the effect is that it banishes any monster it destroys by batte. This allows you to get rid of some problematic monsters and ensure that your opponent will not have access to them.

#2: Knightmare Unicorn

One of the best generic link three monsters ever created, Knightmare Unicorn is a card always in demand. Its cheap reprint in Genesis Impact allows budget players to access this card as well. Not only is it a non-destruction removal tool in your arsenal, but if it is co-linked, you can draw a card. If it remains co-linked and survives until your draw phase, you get to draw even more.

Knightmare Unicorn

#1: Destiny HERO - Celestial

Burst of Destiny will introduce more Destiny HERO support, including the card currently known as Destiny HERO - Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. Fusion Destiny consequently is going up in price, and Destiny HERO - Celestial is in very high demand as it can be sent to the graveyard from deck with Fusion Destiny. It can draw you two cards by banishing itself along with another Destiny HERO monster from the graveyard as long as you have no cards in your hand and you use this effect in a different turn than when it was sent to the graveyard. Its first effect is also decent, allowing you to destroy an opponent's face-up spell card while inflicting 500 damage to the opponent.

Destiny HERO - Celestial

Overall, the Beetrooper deck seems to be gaining a lot of momentum. The strategy already tops locals and can do some interesting things when paired with other insect archetypes such as Battlewasp. Celestial is a card in demand as Destroy Phoenix Enforcer is probably going to be the replacement of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon in case the next ban list is not so kind to it. Magikey will surely come into its own with the release of Burst of Destiny, and Chronomaly sadly did not show us anything yet on the competitive stage.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily Cardmarket.


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Sigh-(31.08.2021 02:41)

The thing about the Magikey Fusion is not the Magikey effect, but that is a level 4 tuner so you can instant it.
It could have no effect whatsoever and it will be sold anyway.

RyanAtlus(31.08.2021 13:44)

Sigh- Even more; it would be even better as a non-effect card. :D