Cardmarket's Christmas Contest 2021: Art Trivia

It's that most wonderful time of the year again. All of our dearest friends (you) gather around, we play games (read on), and then there'll be presents (you can win Cardmarket credit). Join us, identify cards by part of their art, and with a little bit of luck you'll earn a little holiday bonus!

santa claws
Santa Claws is not part of the game; he just carries the prizes

Starry, starry nights in white satin, twinkling lights from festive firs, food to enjoy, toys too, and packages to unpack. There's no lack of holiday imagery when it comes to the artwork that graces our cards. We have sampled a selection: the cream of the cropped, so to speak. Do you have a vast knowledge of everything Yu-Gi-Oh! and can tell from just a glimpse which cards correspond to what is shown in the following collection?

Rules (Please Read)

To take part in this contest you need a Cardmarket account, and you need to send us an email from the email address associated with your account to by the end of Thursday (December 16, 23:59 CET). You can send multiple emails, but if you do, only your last submission will count.

The body of your email should contain up to twenty card names—in plain text, in any order—and nothing else. Note that all emails with more than 400 characters will automatically earn a disqualification. Because a robot reads your emails, only full and correctly spelled English card names will count. This includes punctuation and spaces, but our robot doesn't care about capitalization. Our robot won't read anything else you write, doesn't care about the subject line of your email, and already knows your Cardmarket username from your email address.

Don't post a comment with your solutions and/or hints! Feel free to use the comment section below for feedback or questions about the contest or to tell the world about your progress, but don't spoil the fun of the challenge by giving away any of the card names or how to find them. If you see such a comment before we do, consider flagging it as "inappropriate." Serious offenders may earn a disqualification as well.


After the end of the deadline, we draw our winners from a pool consisting exclusively of the final, eligible submission from each email address.

  • First, we look at all submissions with at least seventeen correct cards and randomly select two to win €20 in Cardmarket credit.

  • Next, we look at all remaining submissions with at least fifteen correct cards and randomly select ten to win €15 in Cardmarket credit.

  • Next, we look at all remaining submissions with at least ten correct cards and randomly select ten to win €5 in Cardmarket credit.

  • Next, we look at all remaining submissions with at least five correct card and randomly select ten to win €2 in Cardmarket credit.

If any of the above tiers should have fewer submissions than prizes listed, the corresponding prizes move down to the next tier. In each case, "remaining submissions" refers to those that have not won anything through any of the preceding bullet points. Someone who submits eighteen correct cards first enters the raffle for the €20 prize. If they win, they're out, but if they don't, they next join the raffle for the €15, and so on.

Good Luck!

We'll reveal all the correct answers in another article and hand out €260 in presents throughout the day on December 17.


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youngframpton(17.12.2021 16:05)

Had a lot of fun with my gf trying to guess all of them. To actually win some price money is the cherry on top, thanks for a really fun event! You guys are the best :)

Atlasrises(16.12.2021 18:12)

Got to 17, really fun contest! Better than 2020!!

AlexJaegerz(16.12.2021 15:27)

I sent the email but I got no response...

Atlasrises(16.12.2021 18:10)

I dont think it sends a response back

Benkinge(16.12.2021 14:18)

Really fun game, hope there are more coming!

JustLayssAndRemus(14.12.2021 21:55)

20/20 lessgooo

Davidecira(14.12.2021 21:27)

For the email is correct to list cards’ names like this:
Santa Claws
Pot of greed
Or like this:
Santa Claws Pot of greed Raigeki

TobiHenke(15.12.2021 05:31)

Doesn't matter. Either way (or even a mix) is fine.

georgeStr(14.12.2021 19:51)

Managed to find them all 20/20, had so much fun !!!!

Thanks cardmarket for bringing us such an amazing contest!!!

Tooki(14.12.2021 18:27)

Nice contest!

19 out of 20. Can't find the one with the candles, maybe I'm overthinking this xD

NecrofaceSCR(16.12.2021 12:48)

Tooki got the same prob bro :D anyway, 19 is still hot

Edluf(14.12.2021 17:40)

Been stuck at 15 for hours now ahah

Danger-Dragon(14.12.2021 21:29)

Only two for me with my friends help ;)

Waffleswitcher(14.12.2021 16:35)

13 so far and now i'm stuck.

Anyone wanna share? :D

Benlos(14.12.2021 16:06)

Why do I need 18 correct answers? 17 are enough or?

"Someone who submits eighteen correct cards first enters the raffle for the €20 prize"

TobiHenke(14.12.2021 18:32)

Maybe in case one of your 17 turns out to be not correct after all. But yes, there's no benefit to go beyond 17, just bragging rights.

Cailord(14.12.2021 12:40)

With "plain text" you mean a "simple text" or you mean i should write all the cards in line, "horizontaly"?

TobiHenke(14.12.2021 13:17)

Plain text=text only, no images/special styles/formatting that could trip up the machine reading. Of course, you also shouldn't write, for example, "Santa Claws" like this:



Cailord(14.12.2021 13:34)

TobiHenke ok thanks a lot, i did not mean like that vertically but like:

Santa claws
Elemental hero stratos


Giflor(14.12.2021 12:31)

Its fun, although it is realy hard finding out what the Snowflakes are

ToonManiac(14.12.2021 09:35)

Cardmarket just keeps on giving, man what a fun challenge!

Edluf(14.12.2021 02:39)

I swear the snowflakes are driving me crazy...

Ibonaz(14.12.2021 11:27)

Absolutely Edluf

Ribow(14.12.2021 16:52)


Danger-Dragon(14.12.2021 17:12)

You are right, great master edluf

Edluf(14.12.2021 17:27)

Thank you my apprentice

JacobYGO(14.12.2021 01:59)

Love that I can already recognize a few, even the obscure ones! Gonna be a fun little task for me tonight! Good luck everyone!

ObitoUchiha66(14.12.2021 00:26)

Cool event GL everyone !!!

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