Cards from Legendary Duelists Season 2 to Look Out For


The set combines the card pools of Legendary Duelists packs White Dragon Abyss and Sisters of the Rose, based on the rivaling characters and female protagonists of the anime series. There are some new cards as well and other gimmicks to give this set some flavor. Let's have a look at what it has to offer!

Something Old, Something New

As mentioned previously, the overwhelming majority of cards in Legendary Duelists: Season 2 are reprints, but the set has a few tricks up its sleeve to differentiate itself. In every minibox, you will get two booster packs, a secret rare card, and a dice. The dice features either Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, Harpie Lady, or Amazoness Baby Tiger, so it's a perfect way to complement your Seto Kaiba or Mai Valentine collection if that's something you fancy.

The new cards are something we'll be focusing on a bit deeper. Those are Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon and Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon.

blue-eyes abyss dragon Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon
Kaiba and Kite are back in action!

When Abyss Dragon is special summoned, you get to add a ritual spell card or a Polymerization from your deck to your hand, and during the end phase you can search for any level 8 or higher dragon as well. Additionally, while you control the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you can banish it from the grave to let your army of dragons become even more powerful. Since most Blue-Eyes players will focus on stringing together combos using link monsters or rank 8 xyz monsters instead of ritual or fusion summoning, and pumping out even more attack points usually is pretty obsolete, this card will potentially end up as a niche collector's item for the Kaiba fans.

Afterglow Dragon, however, is an entertaining addition to the Galaxy strategy. It can be brought out easily while you control any Galaxy-Eyes monster, and it has an effect that triggers when it is detached from an xyz monster. This means that by having any level 8 Galaxy-Eyes monster on the field, you'll be able to trigger that effect! It lets you special summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon or attach it as a material and then, during the battle phase, the attack points of your Number xyz monsters will be doubled! These high-rank xyz monsters are usually pretty massive on their own: plenty of them already have over 3,000 attack points!

Reprints Galore!

There are over a hundred cards in the set, so we won't be able to go over all of them. That doesn't mean we can't highlight a few of my favorites. The classic era of the game is represented by Blue-Eyes and Harpies, archetypes that were present in the first few sets of the game. Blue-Eyes players who were always hesitant to pick up Bingo Machine, Go!!! or Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon will have a chance to do so here, as these pricier cards of the deck find themselves reprinted. Almost all the cards needed for a competitive Harpie deck made it into this set as well, including the hard to find Harpie Perfumer, which sees its first reprint.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon harpie lady sisters
Of course the originals made it into the set as well!

We head back to school for the GX era, represented by Cyber Dragon and Cyber Angel players being able to boost their decks. I always liked Cyber Dragon Nachster from way back in the Orcust days, but if you prefer playing a pure deck that's fair game as well. Cyberload Fusion lets you bring out the gargantuan Cyber Eternity Dragon. Sadly, Cyber Angel Benten is missing from this set, but there's still other cards to be picked up if you wish to play Drytron.

If you want to go fast, Crow's Blackwings and Aki's Black Rose Dragon will get you on track. The anime presented some powerful cards for the Blackwing archetype, such as Blackwing Full Armor Master, but from outside the anime Garden Rose Maiden boosted a deck based on Black Rose Dragon, Plants, and Black Garden.

ZeXal is up next, and while I'm not personally a big fan of the Galaxy strategy, Anna's Trains strategy is one I always loved seeing being executed. Liebe saw some popularity because the rank 10 engine synergized so well with the Eldlich strategy, but here's your chance to grab some extra copies to close out games. Urgent Schedule is a super interesting card that often saw play in strategies like Ancient Gear or Machina.

Arc-V closes up the curtains, and it is represented by The Great Sawatari's Abyss Actors and Serena's Lunalights. The Lunalight strategy has fallen somewhat out of favor sine Lunalight Tiger was forbidden, but in casual play the deck can still pump out a myriad of rank 4 xyz monsters, potentially being a good match with the Time Thief monsters. The entire gimmick of the Abyss Actor deck, getting your face-down cards destroyed by the opponent to gain advantage, always seemed very pleasant to toy around with, and this set easily lets you collect some of the key cards to do so.

With over 130 cards in the set, this set is a gem for collectors. You can try going for the full set or just the cards played by your favorite anime character. You can start cracking into packs later this week, or just have the cards you're looking for shipped straight to your home.

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RyanAtlus(19.01.2021 19:00)

Attention Duelists! A special, shortprinted KaibaCorp Dice was revealed yesterday as well!

cavill-gg(19.01.2021 12:52)

I wasn't really looking forward to this set, but on a second glance it really looks like a thing. Thanks for your insight!