Deck Spotlight: Aquaactress


The Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V anime first introduced the Aquaactress theme. The cards themselves arrived in the TCG with the release of Dragons of Legend 2 in July 2015. Only seven cards make up the core of the strategy, but I feel like we reached a point in the game where anything deserves another look!

Aquaactress Guppy

For some reason, I felt the deck had some potential on release, and I ended up buying a playset of all its cards for the grand total of maybe two euros. That is quite a fortunate if you consider inflation and interest rates and rising values of cards and … and … and the deck is still worth around the same amount today. That the full line-up received a reprint in Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series in September 2020 oviously didn't help here.

Leading Roles and Shooting Locations

Aquaactress Guppy is a level two aqua monster that can special summon an Aquaactress monster from hand. Its effect is a soft once per turn so you are able to swarm the field with Aquaactress monsters in no time. The second monster is Aquaactress Tetra, which searches for Aquarium cards. We will get to those in a minute. The last monster central to the strategy is Aquaactress Arowana, which can search an Aquaactress monster from deck to hand.

Arguably the most important of the Aquarium cards is Aquarium Stage due to the first line of its text, protecting any water monster you control from being destroyed in battle with a non-water monster. Additionally, Aquaactress monsters become immune to the opponent's monster effects. If the Stage is sent to the graveyard, it triggers to special summon any aqua monster in the graveyard. Aquarium Lighting is the second spell card, it doubles the attack of Aquaactress monsters when they battle. It also has the same effect as Stage to special summon aqua monsters from the graveyard if it is sent there from the field. The last spell card,Aquarium Set, is your attack booster, allowing all water monsters to gain 300 attack while giving Aquaactress monsters an additional 300 attack. Its last effect is similar to the other two spells to special summon aqua monsters from the graveyard when sent from the field.

Aqua Story - Urashima is the deck's unsearchable trap card. If there is an Aquaactress monster in the graveyard, it can target any monster on the field to negate its effect and change its attack and defense to 100. That monster is also unaffected by the opponent's card effects. These effects last until the end of the turn only but are quite helpful.

Aquaactress guppy Aquaactress tetra

Supporting Cast

No great play is complete without a strong supporting cast. Fury of Kairyu-Shin is almost a prerequisite at this point for any water deck. Not only does it search Torrential Tribute, but it also protects water monsters from being destroyed via card effects by banishing itself from the graveyard. Given the fact that the Aquaactress theme is a bit slow, and the monsters have low attack, it is a perfect card for the early game to set up your plays while clearing the opponent's board.

Barrier Statue of the Torrent is your next supporting cast member. It stops your opponent from special summoning any non-water monster. In most decks, it is easy to just attack over the Barrier Statue then proceed with your combos afterward. However, with Aquarium Stage on the field, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it as well as your low-attack Aquaactress monsters.

Finally, since the Aquarium cards benefit water monsters generally and aqua monsters specifically with the last effect, why not throw a frog engine in there to swarm the field and benefit from the fact that Aquaactress Guppy can make Toadally Awesome? Oh, and maybe a Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon package for extra protection and to help finish games faster.

Lights, Camera, Action

It is a fun casual deck that stuns your opponents until you collect enough resources to get things going. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the deck and make it work even better, please share your thoughts with everyone in the comment section below!

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