Deck Spotlight: Batteryman


Making its debut all the way back in 2005 when The Lost Millennium dropped, Batteryman pieces slowly accumulated over time. But it wasn't until 2014 when Duelist Alliance hit the shelves, that the deck found a clear direction. It became a legitimate rogue choice then and still is great fun today!

Batteryman 9-Volt

Recharge Your Battery, Man

Batteryman is a deck I hold dear since it was the first deck I ever took to a competitive tournament. I had been a casual player for a long time, but took a break before returning to the game when Dragon Rulers were dominating. It was either play Dragon Rulers or simply lose at the time. I decided to wait and the ban list happened, Dragon Rulers were no more, and the game steered towards Shaddoll, Burning Abyss and Qliphort at the time.

Honestly, I could not afford any of these decks, and YCS Milan 2014 was coming up. So I decided this would be my first competitive event and chose to play Artifact Batteryman for the tournament. I ended up with a record of 4-4 on day one. Definitely not a spectacular record, but considering this was my first tournament, I felt that I did good, especially with the limitations of my deck in mind.

Eight years later, the deck is sitting in my collection of unused cards and I am feeling nostalgic. So I decided to give it a try and revamp the deck. But first of all, let me give you a bit of a background on the strategy. Batteryman is a pure going-second deck since its aim is to one-turn-kill the opponent. The playstyle is unfortunately very linear, allowing your opponent to predict your plays. But as it is such an old strategy, not many players will know what to expect, at least in game one.

Batteryman 9-Volt Batteryman Solar

As for the main cards of the deck, there are two monsters you absolutely want to be normal summoning, Batteryman 9-Volt and Batteryman Solar. 9-Volt is your main searcher. Once normal or special summoned, it can fetch any Batteryman monster before doubling his attack points to 2,000. The only downside is that it destroys itself during your end phase. Solar, on the other hand, is your Foolish Burial for any thunder monster. Its other effect lets you special summon a Batteryman token if a thunder monster is normal or special summoned while Solar is on the field. It has a third effect to copy the name of any Batteryman monster in the graveyard—however, this effect is not really relevant at this time.

Next up are the three big monsters. Batteryman Charger is the one that facilitates your one-turn kill. Once normal summoned, it special summons a Batteryman monster from deck. It also gains 300 attack and defense for every thunder monster you control. Usually, you would want to special 9-Volt in order to add Batteryman Fuel Cell to hand. Fuel Cell can special summon itself to the field if you control two or more Batteryman monsters, which you would so happen to have in this scenario. And just like this, you would have a total of 6,800 attack on the field. If you happen to have another Fuel Cell in hand, that is an OTK.

Next up is the deck's boss monster, Batteryman Industrial Strength. Reminiscent of old boss monsters, it can special summon itself by banishing two Batteryman monsters from the graveyard. Once per turn, by banishing any thunder monster from the graveyard, you can destroy a monster and a spell/trap card on the field, and it does not target.

Batteryman Charger Batteryman Fuel Cell

Batter in Practice

I am sure you noticed the mini P.U.N.K. / Crystron Halqifibrax engine. Ideally, you would want to open Emergency Teleport to summon Noh-P.U.N.K. Ze Amin in order to end up on Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon, a level six synchro and a token. From there, if your level six synchro is a tuner like Coral Dragon, you could end up going for Vermillion Dragon Mech to draw a card and try to pop one card on your opponent's field. After that, depending on your hand, if you have Batteryman 9-Volt and Double Summon together or Batteryman Charger, which you can summon by tributing the Auroradon, you could proceed to OTK your opponent.

Of course, since you are going second, you want to clear the opponent's board and bait their negates, which is why The Monarchs Stormforth and Lightning Storm are there for support. When being forced to go first, I included in the side Nibiru, the Primal Being, Solemn Judgment, and Batteryman Micro-Cell. When attacked and flipped face-up, Micro-Cell specials a Batteryman monster from deck (in this case you would most likely want 9-Volt) to set up your upcoming turn.

Crystron Halqifibrax Cupid Pitch

It is a relatively linear but fun casual deck that does not need a very complicated setup or learning curve. However, of course it would benefit from being able to put up a couple of negations before committing to summoning the Batteryman monsters. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the deck and make it work even better, please share your thoughts with everyone in the comment section below!

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mifrchtr93(28.04.2022 16:26)

Maybe i woukd add 3 Batteryman Charger to the side deck. Just in case.

GeroldVentura(10.04.2022 19:20)

Batteryman Charger at six copies, damn. Must be a really good card.

HicriARINER(09.04.2022 23:33)

Even this decklist is wrong

Wakapout(05.04.2022 13:02)(Edited: 05.04.2022 13:06)

The last card is battery charger (a monster reborn for batteryman monsters) and the extra deck is only 13 cards. Happy to see some batteryman love.

GrandmistressD(05.04.2022 10:50)

There's 6 Batteryman Charger in the decklist.