Deck Spotlight: Numeron Gren Maju


Barely anyone talks about Gren Maju. By itself, it's a respectable strategy that players fear because it is so unexpected and can steal games in one turn. But what do you get when you add a bit of sauce in the form of the Numeron engine to the deck? A very frustrated opponent probably.

gren maju da eiza

Gren Maju Goes Brrr

There are several ways to play Gren Maju. One way involves using Golden Castle of Stromberg to banish cards to power up your Gren Maju while providing an attacking threat and draw power with some Danger! monsters. Another route is to forgo the Stromberg engine and to just use Danger! monsters and Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher. Finally, there is the Necroface variant, which features a couple of very high attack kaijus along with a lot of hand traps and draw power that banishes for cost.

Gren Maju Da Eiza

The version we are interested in is the last one that involves Necroface. Have a look at the deck list below first, then I will explain my card choices:

There is a lot going on in here so I will break it down part by part. First is the Kaiju engine. Both Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju and Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju are there not only as outs to problematic cards like Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, but they also serve as ways to take 3000 points of damage or more and have Inferno Tempest in hand. Once Inferno Tempest resolves, both players banish all monsters in their decks and graveyards, including your Necroface copies, which will prompt both players to banish five more cards per banished Necroface, allowing you to win by leaving your opponent with nothing to draw during their turn. This is your alternative win condition of the deck. It comes in handy against decks with high monster counts like Dragon Link. Against monsters with low monster counts, all or most of the engine can be sided out without hurting the deck's consistency.

Inferno Tempest Dimension Shifter

Next up is the Numeron engine. It can be used both going first and going second. If you are going first, you can set up Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL to stall your opponent until you can swing for game with a Gren Maju Da Eiza. Alternatively, when going second, you can use the Numeron engine to end on either Borreload Dragon or any link four monster of your choice that can solve on your opponent's board, or you can simply go for an all-out attack with your Numeron monsters.

Moving on, we have the support cards. Dimension Shifter is great when going second as it banishes any card sent to the graveyard, restricting most decks. Sadly, if can only be used if your graveyard is empty. If Fairy Tail - Snow was not banned, this card would have been playable almost any turn of the duel. Battle Fader ends the battle phase if your opponent attempts to attack you directly while Numeron Wall does the same after the first attack happens. You can use them to attack into the Kaijus given to the opponent or you can use them to link summon either Linkuriboh for more attack negation or to summon Relinquished Anima to steal one of your opponent's monsters. Then, we also have Eater of Millions, which in addition to the Kaijus, acts as a non-destruction, non-targeted removal through battle. Furthermore, Macro Cosmos can shut down a lot of graveyard based decks.

You will notice that the main deck is at 50 cards, this is to ensure that you yourself do not deck out when using Inferno Tempest, especially given that you play cards like Pot of Desires and Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher that eat through your deck. Normal summoning Necroface helps you reset your deck to reuse all your banished cards. Because the deck is big, Desires is not enough draw power. Memories of Hope can let you draw between three and four cards typically, depending on how many Number monsters you have on the field. Next, I included two copies of Pot of Prosperity. I did not want to bump it up to three copies as you need to have access to your extra deck most of the time, but since Necroface can recycle what you banish, it is worth including to dig for the cards you need. Lastly, we have Mystic Mine and the cards that search it. If you can't beat them, stall them until you can!

Pot of Desires Mystic Mine

Overall, it's a very versatile deck that can go either first or second. Also, because the main deck is 50 cards, you can side in more cards depending on whether you expect to go first or second. Summon Limit and Different Dimension Ground are excellent for going first, while Lightning Storm and Evenly Matched help you break through your opponent's board going second. Additionally, Nibiru, the Primal Being is good in either scenario. Another card that can be used in the side deck is a playset of Soul Absorption. It would mainly be used for game three when you are close to time in the round. Resolving Pot of Desires would instantly give you 5000 additional life points. The card itself doesn't really advance your game state or help you out of difficult positions, therefore it could be replaced with anything else in case you do not want to use it for winning in time.

Oh, and do not forget to set a Gren Maju from time to time when you have a decent pile of banished cards. Baiting your opponent to attack into it is priceless!

Do you have ways to improve the deck? If so, were you successful with it? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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adrian030(18.02.2021 14:31)

I like the Battle Fader + Inferno Tempest :)