Fluffals Are Back!


Rise of the Duelist introduced many amazing cards that we have already talked about in previous articles. However, hidden in the shadows are a bunch of cards that make an old strategy emerge once more, both to entertain and to steal some unexpected wins. The talk here is of Fluffals!

A Fresh Breeze

No matter what support they received, Fluffals were always doomed to be a going-second deck that breaks boards and tries to finish off the opponent in one turn due to the way their cards functioned. The deck never truly had the capacity to establish boards with multiple strong negates consistently. It's still a fantastic one-turn-kill deck that can play through multiple interruptions. But the new cards from Rise of the Duelist made a huge difference on the way the strategy plays out.

The difference starts with Edge Imp Scythe and its partner in crime Frightfur Cruel Whale. Scythe is a very interesting card. During either players' Main Phase, if you have it in your hand, you can fusion summon a Frightfur monster using cards from your hand or field as fusion materials, including itself. At first this might sound a little underwhelming since Frightfur Tiger requires Edge Imp Sabres to be summoned before destroying some of the opponent's cards. That's where Cruel Whale comes into play. It is generic and can be summoned using an Edge Imp and a Fluffal monster. On summon, you can destroy a card on either side of the field, which admittedly makes it a worse Tiger. However, Scythe makes up for it by banishing itself to protect Cruel Whale from destroying itself or any other Frightfur Fusion Monster targeted by its effect. Scythe can protect your fusions from being destroyed by battle too!

edge imp scythe Frightfur Cruel Whale

That means that for the first time, Fluffals can interact with the opponent before their turn starts when going second — without needing hand traps. The next part of the puzzle lies in the second effect of Cruel Whale: where it can either send a Frightfur card to the graveyard from the Extra Deck or Main Deck to boost its own attack or that of another Frightfur Fusion Monster. That is useful in Battle Phases for sure, but the main utility of this effect would be to send Frightfur Repair to the graveyard. Repair works as an extender during your turn as it can be banished to special summon a Fluffal or Edge Imp monster from your hand. If you happen to draw it, though, you can use its first effect, returning a Frightfur Fusion Monster from the graveyard to the Extra Deck to special summon a Fluffal or Edge Imp monster from your graveyard.

A cool play you can do when going first and having Scythe in hand is trying to make Artifact Dagda and use its effect to set Artifact Scythe. On your opponent's turn, you can use Edge Imp Scythe from your hand to summon Cruel Whale; destroy a card your opponent controls in addition to your set Artifact Scythe. The latter will trigger and special summon itself to lock your opponent out of using the Extra Deck. The other more straightforward method is to summon two Cruel Whales and overlay them to summon True King of All Calamities to lock the opponent out of monster effects and attacks.

True King of All Calamities fluffal dolphin

Another new card is the cute Fluffal Dolphin. While it is on the field, you can set a Toy Vendor from your graveyard, and if you do, you can send a Fluffal or Edge Imp monster from deck to graveyard. Fluffal Wings is an amazing target to send since you will have Toy Vendor on the field. Therefore, summoning Dolphin will give you a plus three in card economy: two draws from Wings and a search from Vendor. Another effect that Dolphin has is that, if it used as a fusion material for a Frightfur Fusion Monster, you can choose either Polymerization or Frightfur Fusion in your graveyard or banished zone and return it to your deck. Additionally, being a level four Water-monster allows you to pair it with Fluffal Penguin to make Bahamut Shark which would give you access to Toadally Awesome. Toadally Awesome can recycle itself from the graveyard after giving you a negate, allowing Bahamut Shark to summon it again from the Extra Deck. It can also recycle either your Penguin or Dolphin.

What Else Can Fluffals Do?

Now that Fluffals are much better going first, they have the option to lock the opponent with True King of All Calamities. Alternatively, since the deck is good at summoning multiple monsters during the same turn, Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess would be an excellent monster to negate a couple of monster effects. Now if you really want to take it up a notch, why not add Predaplant Verte Anaconda and Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon to your Extra Deck while including the rest of the engine in your main deck? Anaconda can also be quite useful on its own for the Fluffal strategy itself as it can become either a Polymerization or a Frightfur Fusion.

Here is a basic Fluffal build:

While the deck may not be a tier one strategy, it can put up impressive boards going first and can interrupt the opponent going second. There isn't really a need to play hand traps as the deck can power through established boards. However, in my opinion it is very important to include Called by the Grave despite its recent limitation and Triple Tactics Talent in order to ensure that your own plays will not be stopped by hand traps.

Overall, it is a very fun deck to play and is a strong pick for players on a budget — as long as you do not run the Dragoon engine.

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