Generic Cards to Pick Up from Lightning Overdrive


Lightning Overdrive is the newest main set. It adds some interesting generic and semi-generic cards that are definitely worth a glance or two. Some may prove important to the format at large, or relevant to niche stratgies, and some may even fly under the radar. Let's explore the candidates!

Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous

#1 – Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous

Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous

Link charmer monsters are always in demand, either for their playability or collectibility. Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous is no different. The light typing means that the card's first effect to steal monsters from the opponent's graveyard can affect a wide variety of decks. Just imagine stealing something like Eldlich the Golden Lord or a light dragon monster during mirror matches.

Its second effect to search for any light monster with 1,500 attack or less once destroyed in any way while face up on the field is just incredible. You can search cards such as Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit or any key light monster needed for your combos depending on what you are playing. Being a semi-generic link monster with a decent effect is certainly something that will pique the interest of deck builders. Overall, I feel that this card will find its way into many extra decks but that will be somewhat format dependent.

#2 – Anchamoufrite


The new Upstart Goblin is here. Anchamoufrite will help you draw cards. Well, it is not going to help everyone since not every deck can use it sadly. The draw effect can only be used if there are no cards in the extra deck or if the only cards there are other copies of Anchamoufrite. The fact that it can also special summon itself from the extra deck means that you get a 2,000-attack body on board that can be used as a tribute fodder, for example.

Apart from being an indirect support card for decks such as Monarch and True Draco, this card might allow players to innovate and create decks that do not rely on the extra deck in order to take advantage of the draw effect. I am thinking of building a deck combining two of my favorite archetypes while using Anchamoufrite for draw power. If the deck actually ends up being somewhat viable, I will definitely tell you about it in another article!

#3 – Book of Lunar Eclipse

Book of Lunar Eclipse

Book of Moon has always been a fearsome card and was rightly restricted for many years. It's been unlimited as the game progressed, and most decks can swarm the field without bothering too much with interruptions. Konami decided that this classic card needed an upgrade and bestowed upon us Book of Lunar Eclipse. It is basically the difference between Mystical Space Typhoon and Twin Twisters.

For the cost of a discarded card, you can target two monsters on either side of the field and flip them face down. Flipping two monsters face down is a very powerful mechanic. You can either interrupt your opponent's plays or set up your own monsters such as Shaddoll and Krawler monsters, or in the worst case scenario, it can protect your own monsters from being targeted or affected by your opponent's cards. Only time will tell how good this card really is. But it's an interesting upgrade that could have potential, as long as you do not mind discarding cards.

#4 – Diviner of the Herald

Diviner of the Herald

The most expensive non-starlight card in the set. Diviner of the Herald is a generic card for fairy decks that helps facilitate synchro and ritual plays. Its first effect sends a fairy either from the deck or the extra deck to the graveyard to increase its level by that monster's level. Sending Herald of the Arc Light is a powerful play in any ritual deck as you pretty much get an on-demand search. Not to mention that increasing Diviner's level from two to six helps you bring out bigger monsters.

Currently Drytron is the deck that will benefit the most from this card, especially with the release of Drytron Mu Beta Fafnir, which helps the deck make up for ground lost due to the limiting of Cyber Angel Benten. Cyber Angels and Herald decks also get a boost from Diviner, but Drytron is the deck set to benefit the most. My fellow writer, Marijn managed to top the latest Extravaganza with Drytron, and I'm sure he is going to tell you about the impact that Herald and Fafnir have on the deck.

#5 – Mysterion the Dragon Crown

Mysterion the Dragon Crown

Another fusion monster with generic materials? Mysterion the Dragon Crown is a beefy level eight monster that requires a spellcaster monster and a dragon monster. If this card literally had no effect, it still would have been a fantastic as generic Super Polymerization targets are always in demand. This one is no different considering Invoked, Shaddoll, and Dragon Link are all among the popular decks of the format.

Mysterion also has a powerful effect that is a hard once-per-turn. If a monster is special summoned by its activated effect or if it special summons a monster with the same original type, it can banish that special summoned monster and all other monsters on the field with that original type. I am looking forward to seeing this card make its way into a bunch of extra decks.

#6 – Ruddy Rose Dragon

Ruddy Rose Dragon

Black Rose Dragon's bigger sibling is here! Ruddy Rose Dragon is a level ten synchro monster that banishes all cards in both players' graveyards on summon. In addition to that, if it was synchro summoned using either Black Rose Dragon or any plant synchro monster, it can also destroy all other cards on the field, leaving only this 3,200-attack monster on board. Plus, this card has an effect somewhat similar to Stardust Dragon as it can tribute itself to negate a card or effect that would destroy a card, then special summon a Black Rose Dragon either from the graveyard or the extra deck.

It is a definite upgrade from Black Rose Dragon and can even special summon it, making you potentially end on a plus one in card economy. I say "potentially" because it only negates the effect but doesn't destroy, banish, or send the negated card to the graveyard. The card itself will only lose the board wipe effect if summoned without Black Rose or a plant synchro monster. However, it would still have two powerful effects in addition to its huge attack points.

#7 – Expendable Dai

This card is great warrior support. Expendable Dai is simple and straightforward. Tribute one warrior monster, then destroy one target card on the field, and if you do, draw one card. It can be used to trigger Gouki monsters during the opponent's turn for example, or can send a Phantom Knight monster to the graveyard in order to use its grave effect.

expendable dai One-Kuri-Way

#8 – One-Kuri-Way

One-Kuri-Way is an obscure common card from the set. But it is essentially a once-per-turn Monster Reborn for link monsters that summons that link monster to its owner's field from the graveyard or alternatively can return it to the extra deck. Personally I would not mind recycling cards such as I:P Masquerena or Knightmare Unicorn to be able to use their effects at least one more time during a duel. The only problem of this card is that it can put you at a disadvantage in card economy if returning a link monster in either player's graveyard to the extra deck or even special summoning one of your opponent's link monsters back. Only time will tell what kind of ingenuity players come up with to abuse this card.

# 9 – Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance

Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance

The last card I want to talk about is Bahalutiya, the Grand Radiance. It has a very interesting effect that can either really hurt your opponents or benefit them. Although it is a level seven monster, it can be tribute summoned using one-effect monsters. You can also tribute summon it during the opponent's turn as a quick effect once the opponent adds a card from deck to hand during the main phase. The interesting part of the effect starts here. Once summoned, it can make the opponent banish cards face down from the top of their deck equal to the number of cards in their hand. The hand is then shuffled into the deck and replaced with those banished cards.

It is strong disruption, but because you do not know the rest of the opponent's hand and have no way of knowing what cards they are getting instead, it can be a somewhat risky play. It is an interesting card in terms of card design, but is it viable? I am honestly unable to tell.

Do you think there are other generic cards in the set that deserve attention? Let us know in the comment section below!

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WellsleyFarms(10.06.2021 11:49)

Yeah, two small errors in the Lyna and One Kuri Way. They work a bit different

Najahsal(10.06.2021 09:17)

There's a mistake in the part with Lyna. Lyna searches 1500 and lower DEF monsters not ATK

duedly(10.06.2021 00:18)

Someone needs to re-read One Kuri Way. Its only for Link 1. Other than that, nice article!

Pharaoh7(10.06.2021 08:26)

True, it works only for link 1 monsters.

Stratos46(10.06.2021 00:07)

One kuri way is maybe good for sky striker