Magnificent Mavens Hit the Market


Magnificent Mavens, one of the most impactful releases of the year, has finally arrived. It is an amazing set that blends reprinted staples, deck cores, and new meta-defining cards. Let's take a look at the whole and try to pinpoint the most important elements. There are a lot of them!

Mudora the Sword Oracle

Staple Reprints

Triple Tactics Talent says hi! A card that is increasingly popular in today's decks is finally getting a reprint a little more than a year after its first reprint in the 2021 mega tin. It is definitely more affordable now, although I would not dare to say it's cheap. It is an incredible card to be reprinted and the reduced price will make it more accessible to a wider player base, which is always a good thing.

Speaking of good reprints, Lightning Storm was reprinted again after featuring in this year's mega tin. Following the same logic as Tactics, €30–35 for a playset of the card was definitely unconceivable a while ago. Prepare to see a lot more of the card in your locals and do not forget to place your important monsters in defense mode, if possible. Also, its older half-sibling Harpie's Feather Duster got a reprint.

Imagine yourself leaving the faucet open and water keeps pouring down into your sink. That is exactly how I feel about the remaining reprints in this set. Somebody at Konami probably said to make players happy, and that is exactly what they achieved. Infinite Impermanence and Evenly Matched got reprints, the latter having seriously needed one. Gozen Match, Change of Heart, and Ice Dragon's Prison all received the gold rare reprint, while Skill Drain got a much-needed reprint as its price was getting out of hand after it was set free from the shackles of the banlist. I am not going to list every single one, but there are other spells and traps that magnificently made it into the set.

Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos Triple Tactics Talent

So far we have been talking only about spells and traps, but monsters have also managed to make the cut here. Elder Entity N'tss, Chaos Hunter, and Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess are all in there, accompanied by a first reprint for the elusive Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos. The card does not see any play at the moment, but it is sought after as a collectible for its ties with the Black Luster Soldier archetype and lore, not to mention that it is one of the most powerful link three monsters available. So beware of the comeback of the soldier of chaos.

Overall, there are a ton of good reprints that many players needed, either because some cards were not widely accessible due to their price, or because it has been a while since some of them received a reprint. Of course, there are some over-reprinted cards such as Ice Dragon's Prison, but no one can say that it is a bad one.

A New Rarity

While we are at it, why not include some chase cards in the set using a different rarity? Wait, that doesn't sound like enough. Let's rephrase that: While we are at it, why not include some chase cards in the set using two new rarities? The official term used by Cardmarket is Parallel Secret Rare and Parallel Ultra Rare. Both are affectionately called Pharaoh's Rare by the community. All of them are iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician Girl, Elemental HERO Neos, and Gold Sarcophagus. The only new card that was printed with the new rarity is Gravekeeper's Trap. Overall, both new rarities look beautiful and will ignite the interest and thin the wallets of collectors.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (V.1 - Ultra Parallel Rare) Gold Sarcophagus (V.2 - Secret Parallel Rare)

Deck Cores

It seems that a reprint set cannot be called a reprint set without some deck cores in there. Sky Striker received a reprint for some of its most important cards, such as all the link monsters, Sky Striker Ace - Raye, and the Sky Striker Ace Token. The latter was honestly quite expensive in its only print from OTS Tournament Pack 8, introduced way back in 2018.

Sky Striker also received two new toys to play with—the first one being the quick-play spell Sky Striker Mobilize - Linkage!, while the other two are effect monsters Surgical Striker - H.A.M.P. and Aileron, both of which are always treated as Sky Striker cards. I will not get into any details for the new cards or the state of the deck after the new additions, but expect an upcoming article about the updated deck.

Swordsoul of Mo Ye Swordsoul Emergence

Leaving Sky Striker aside, Swordsoul finally got its reprint! The core can be picked up for cheap. Swordsoul of Mo Ye, Swordsoul Grandmaster - Chixiao, and Swordsoul Emergence are finally budget-friendly, but you would still need to invest in a very expensive Baronne de Fleur in order to play the deck. While Swordsoul is technically past its prime, you can never know what the effect of one banlist or new support could do to bring it back to competitive life. Therefore, if you like the deck, consider picking it up.

Mayakashi and Witchcrafter also received some reprints, but since they are not doing much now and haven't done much competitively in the past, they rather serve as pack fillers.

New Cards

Apart from the Sky Striker stuff mentioned earlier, Mavens is selling for mainly one reason, which is a bunch of earth fairy monsters collectively referred to as the Ishizu cards. The new cards are retrains of older cards used by Ishizu in the anime. Mudora the Sword Oracle, Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard, Keldo the Sacred Protector, and Agido the Ancient Sentinel are exactly what almost makes Tearlament a tier zero deck at this point. They add a lot of consistency to milling strategies and have some useful secondary effects.

Agido and Kelbek both share the same partial effect once they are sent from your hand or deck to the graveyard, making each player send the top five cards of their deck to the graveyard as well. If you have Exchange of the Spirit in your graveyard, you can mill five more from either graveyard in the case of Agido, and in the case of Kelbek, you can set a trap card from your graveyard.

Keldo the Sacred Protector Kelbek the Ancient Vanguard

Kelbek also acts as a pseudo hand trap that activates when a card is sent from the opponent's hand or deck to their graveyard. Kelbek special summons itself and you can target one special-summoned monster your opponent controls, then bounce it back to the hand. Agido has the same activation conditions for the first effect, but instead of bouncing, it revives an earth fairy monster from your graveyard.

Using Keldo from hand, you can discard a card, preferably Agido or Kelbek, to special summon itself and search for either Exchange of the Spirit or any card that mentions it, including any of these four monsters' retrains. Mudora's effect is similar, but it activates Gravekeeper's Trap directly from deck. Both monsters have similar graveyard effects. Keldo has a quick effect, banishing it from the field or grave to shuffle five cards from either grave to deck, but if you do not have Exchange of the Spirit, you can only shuffle three cards back. Mudora's second effect does the exact same thing. The monsters together are insanely powerful and can put a check on any graveyard-reliant strategy. They are also an integral part of today's meta and it seems like they will be for a while, until the ban hammer potentially touches them.

Overall, it is an incredible set with lots of value and potential for the current meta. Of course, there are many other cards that could have been mentioned. However, please let me know in the comment section down below which cards you are happy to see in this set, and which cards do you plan to pick up? Also, what is your opinion on the Ishizu cards?

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MrQ-P(15.11.2022 15:42)

Price is still way too high on staples, and Ishizu cards were a mistake. I hope Konami will release a slaughterlist because things need to change, and this complete and out of control power creep meant to sold sets IS NOT the way

3amTacobell(15.11.2022 19:40)

Reprints are dirt cheap right now, what are you on? All cards a player could need got reprinted to death. Ishizu is worth an Emergency Banlist, Tears is not.

MrQ-P(16.11.2022 01:22)

33€ for a set of TTT is totally dirt cheap, sure thing pal.

Azdrerios(15.11.2022 15:23)

Aside from the amazing reprints of Lightning Storm and TTT, I'm genuinely happy that we finally got Ultra reprints of Swordsoul of Mo Ye and Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon.

Both cards' artworks really suffered from the Secret Rare foiling they were given in their original printings, so you can bet your Bagooska that I ordered playsets of each in the new (much better looking) foils. Amen.

WunderkindYGO(15.11.2022 14:08)

Magnificen Mavens Hit the Market or: Tearlament Ishizu Hit the Tier 0

Lijoo(15.11.2022 13:29)

Can't wait for the new ban list lol.