Maximum Gold: Maximum Reprints


Another gold set with much more appealing gold rare cards has hit the market and has become an instant success overnight. At the time of writing this article, the twenty best-selling cards on Cardmarket are all cards from Maximum Gold. It is a very special set that has something for everyone!

Maximum Gold is entirely a reprint set. There are no new cards, but there are a lot of much-needed reprints and some new artworks in addition to the new gold rare look. Below I am dividing the cards into categories and will give an overview about each category.

Alternate Art

aleister the invoker apollousa, bow of the goddess

Everyone was surprised when Aleister the Invoker received new art in the set. It was actually quite welcome as the new piece is great. But the card that truly wins the category of alternative artwork is Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. Although it just received a reprint in the 2020 Tin of Lost Memories that made it accessible to the player base, the new version is on whole new level. When you put together amazing art and competitive viability, you get a card that simply had to be the top seller on Cardmarket as of the time of writing.

Other popular cards received new artwork as well, such as Sky Striker Ace - Kagari and Droll & Lock Bird, which makes them appealing to both collectors and budget players. The same goes for Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay. If the first reprint didn't make it accessible enough to budget players, then this one surely helps!

Meta-Related Reprints

Almost the entire Ghost Sisters line-up returns, including Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion, Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Each of them comes in both artworks. But the real items of interest here are the cards so many players are after. Let's start with Elder Entity N'tss and Herald of the Arc Light. N'tss sees play in Dogmatika decks and against them, while Herald is used in Nekroz decks and any decks that can make level four synchros … Never underestimate a negation coupled with banishing monsters that are sent to the graveyard.

More copies of Infinite Impermanence are always welcome. Sadly, Impermanence may still be out of reach for budget players. Despite this being the card's fourth reprint, it still hovers around the €20 mark, though it is a fundamental staple in today's metagame. On the other hand, Nibiru, the Primal Being is much cheaper now and is a must-have for those who do not own it yet. Borrelsword Dragon received another printing here as well — with alternate art to boot — bringing the card's price finally down to the level of mass accessibility. A couple of Zoodiac reprints such as Zoodiac Chakanine also try to make the deck more accessible now that we have Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder to push the deck back to the top tables.

zoodiac chakanine eldlich the golden lord

The biggest reprint out of the set however, is Eldlich the Golden Lord. Eldlich decks are very popular and can be mixed with different engines to make them stronger. With this reprint, a lot of players who wanted to play the deck but could not afford the price of Mister Expensive can now build it much cheaper. Hopefully they already bought the other cards for the deck because Eldlixir of Black Awakening and Cursed Eldland spiked in price. Golden Lord is not exactly dirt cheap; however, it is a bargain compared to the price of the original printing. Its inclusion not only shows that Konami is following what players need, but also that they have a sense of humor turning Golden Lord into a gold rare. Well done, Konami!

Banlist-Related Reprints

Now let's move to the banlist section starting with Harpie's Feather Duster. The card has been banned for ages and only went back to being limited in September. However, without a recent reprint, all versions of the card exploded in price. A reprint was surely going to bring some accessibility to the card as well as stability to its price, but I project that there will be another reprint soon if they do not reprint its newer counterpart, Lightning Storm.

harpie's feather duster The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche

Next, we have The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche. Just like Feather Duster, Rusty has been recently released from the banlist to promote the Phantom Knights archetype with the release of the new support in Phantom Rage. Although the card wasn't really expensive, an additional printing can help calm the market in case of any potential buyout if the strategy proves to be very successful.

Toadally Awesome and Tour Guide From the Underworld have also been impacted by the September 2020 banlist. Burning Abyss is finding new love when mixed with Phantom Knights. Meanwhile, Toad needed a reprint as it was quite pricey even when it was limited. Besides being used with the Frog engine, the card found its way into the extra decks of Prank-Kids, Nekroz, and any deck that can put two level-four Water monsters onto the field.

Other Much-Needed Reprints

The entire Barrier Statue line-up debuted in Cyberdark Impact in November 2006. Only Barrier Statue of the Inferno and Barrier Statue of the Torrent got reprints in OTS Tournament Pack 4 in April 2017, but Maximum Gold finally gives us new copies of Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds, Barrier Statue of the Heavens, and Barrier Statue of the Drought as well. And this is just as well, as players have been finding creative ways to include some Statues in their decks, especially now that Gizmek Uka, the Festive Fox of Fecundity is around to turbo them out.

Barrier Statue of the Drought kitchen dragonmaid

Dragonmaids also got some love, bringing down the prices of Kitchen Dragonmaid and Nurse Dragonmaid. Lady Debug is another great reprint as it's a generic monster for Cyberse-based decks. Also, Planet Pathfinder finally dropped below the €1 threshold. A monster that can search any field spell is certainly a card that every player should have access to, especially with things like Numerons around.

Something that doesn't fit into any of the above category is the price of the gold rare Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. For a couple of normal monsters reprinted for the umpteemth time, both cards are hovering around the €5 mark, which just shows how desirable these cards are. If you pull any, you might want to trade them for things that you actually need.

Missed Opportunities

While many of the set's inclusions are spot on, some other cards could have done with reprints. The list begins at more recent cards such as Lightning Storm and Animadorned Archosaur and goes all the way to older cards such as Evenly Matched, Zoodiac Thoroughblade, and that one elusive reprint that will finally make Pot of Extravagance a budget card.

What counts as a missed opportunity is of course a point of personal preference, as everyone has their own wish list. Overall, Maximum Gold is a very solid release that will age well. What cards did you pick up from the set and what cards do you wish were in the set? Let us know in the comments!

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maestrobiri(17.03.2021 10:36)

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay value has been destroyed by MAGO reprint

DiKut(19.11.2020 15:45)

I wanted my boy Cherubini ^^ why they dont give us this. All BAs are printed as Golds, so why not Cherubini?

Throrma(19.11.2020 08:04)

Just I know wrong or Toad needs 2 level-2 aqua monster intead of 2 level-4 water?

GabriLesi(19.11.2020 08:24)

2 Level 4 - Bahamut Shark
Detach one material from Bahamut Shark -> Toadally on the field

Throrma(19.11.2020 13:26)

Oh yes... What a mind

Skystriker(19.11.2020 00:58)

Why not reprint all zoodiacs or PK in max gold rarity so it will go well with gold rare BA?

Isabelle98(19.11.2020 00:45)

I wanted pot of extravagance....

QuetzalcoatI(19.11.2020 01:07)

Oh come on! It has been reprinted twice this year ^^