New Ban List Shakes the Meta!


Let's be honest here, few expected the update to the Forbidden & Limited List to drop this soon, but hey, we all love early presents, right? Especially wild ones that are supposed to have a certain impact on today' s meta. Let's look at the hottest changes and discuss details and implications.

guardragon elpy

Forbidden Cards

Guardragon Elpy is definitely a card that had been expected to land in this category since the last ban list. I can't exactly say it's degenerate, because it's not, but it helps a lot as an extender and is one of the main cards players try to stop with their hand traps. The card made Dragon Link plays hard to deal with and Dragon Link as a deck one of the top contenders. This change will lower the aggressiveness of the deck.

guardragon elpy zoodiac drident

Next up, we have an old friend of the ban list, the infamous Zoodiac Drident. Most players didn't expect this ban, though some may have considered it a possibility after seeing the OCG ban list. Does it deserve this treatment? Personally, I don't think so. Zoodiac Drident is the reason pure Zoodiac as a deck was as good as we've seen it to be this last format. With this kind of hit, though, Zoodiac now is a strict going-second deck, focusing on summoning Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder to break boards, making it not very overwhelming as a strategy. The question is, why? The only semi-valid reason would be the Tri-Brigade Zoodiac variant, considering it was doing quite well. We get it, it's strong but not enough for Drident to get hit. In my opinion, this was unnecessary.

Limited Cards

Oh boy! The changes in this category are packed with conflicting emotions for a lot of players. However, the real question is: "Have you read Misc?" I don't know about you, but Konami definitely has, because Miscellaneousaurus is now limited, again. We saw it coming, not because it's that insane of a card, but it felt like it was time for Dinos to get some sort of hit. Miscellaneousaurus being a hand trap—plus making dinosaur-type monsters unaffected during the phase it's activated—promotes lack of interaction from the other players, which then enables Ultimate Conductor Tyranno to go brrr. The second limited card is another hit to the Dragon Link strategy, Striker Dragon. Looks like Konami is serious about them this time. Limiting their link one monster that searches Boot Sector Launch seems like a solid choice. However, Dragon Link pilots will find another way to play and optimize the deck, as always.

Moving on to the third card that was limited, we have Salamangreat players's favorite horse, Salamangreat Miragestallio. I'm sure every pilot of the deck is happy now. Being able to play this card again means that now it's easier to get to your main combo pieces and source recyclers, such as Salamangreat Gazelle, and definitely means a higher ceiling in terms of competitiveness. Miragestallio going back to one after one year and a half of it being banned is probably what the deck needed the most in order to be part of the metagame again.

Salamangreat Miragestallio sky striker mobilize - engage!

Last, but not least, we have what most of us didn't expect to happen, Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!. The main reason I was surprised by this change is that Konami usually doesn't seem like draw cards in the game. But hey, never say never, right? As for the deck itself, Sky Striker pilots have been playing with it regardless of not having its main spell card. I can't say the deck has done wonders without it, but the danger they can put their opponents in and their grind game has always been great. So having its best card back makes me believe that Sky Striker is definitely back to being a meta deck, and an amazing one, at that. I mean, who doesn't like to search whatever Sky Striker card they want, twice per turn, and what's more important, who doesn't like free draws?

Pendulum Monsters

Apart from the cards mentioned above, this ban list also featured two more interesting changes. One of them is Performapal Skullcrobat Joker moving from zero to one and Double Iris Magician which now is semi-limited. Honestly, I feel like the Magician could very well go back to three, as it's not that strong of a card and doesn't deserve to be part of the list. Pretty much the same thing applies to Skullcrobat Joker. The Pendulum Magician strategy itself is not as overwhelming as it used to be. However, the most important point here is that Konami may be trying to bring back some pendulum cards as a test to see if it's safe for pendulum to have their favorite link monster back in action. Yes, I'm talking about Heavymetalfoes Electrumite. Could this be a hint that next time we can finally have Electrumite back and get to see pendulum rise to the top?

double iris magician Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

Winners and Losers

The biggest winners of this ban list are definitely Sky Striker and Salamangreat. Both got back an amazing card for their strategy. Following them, we would have top tier decks that didn't get affected by the ban list, such as Drytron, Prank-Kids, Invoked Dogmatika Shaddoll, Phantom Knights, and @Ignister. As for the losers, first of all we have Pure Zoodiac for sure, followed by Dragon Link, Dinos, and to finish it off decks that benefited from the Zoo strategy, for example Tri-Brigade and Eldlich. However, as I mentioned before, Dragon Link will definitely adapt to these changes and rise again.

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Dragonfreak28(29.06.2021 15:24)

"not because it's that insane of a card" Man, what are you talking? Lemme just ask you this: "Have you read Misc?" :)

Marybu(29.06.2021 09:46)

Tribrigade dont loose anything. Still strong AF. Dragonlink will find another way to come back. As long they dont touch any maindeckmonster the deck will evolve.

TCG-Melon(29.06.2021 09:01)

Wow and Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is still allowed? Disappointing.

Throrma(29.06.2021 07:36)

I see a line 2019 comes back. I hope we will see Harphorror and Colossus at 1 soon. That would shakes the meta even more.

Sigh-(29.06.2021 01:53)

"New Ban list Shakes the Meta!".
More like, New Ban list kills Zoo, resurrects Sky Striker, re-arranges D-Link, and everything stays pretty much the fucking same.

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