Rulings to Know: Virtual World

Whenever a format changes or a new deck enters the metagame, situations arise in which some card interactions are not entirely clear to many players. The aim of this new series of articles is to explain why a given interaction works the way it does and to provide you with the correct ruling.


Some interactions I'll cover in these articles will be actual ruling questions. Others will be about common misplays I have observed when playing. These latter ones will more often than not fall into the "just read the card" camp. Nevertheless, I think it is important to be aware of these possible missteps so that you don't (intentionally or unintentionally) get cheated on by your opponent.

All of the interactions discussed in this article will be about Virtual World, which still is the best deck of the format at the time of writing. Without further ado, let's get into the nitty-gritty world of rulings.

Jiji Versus Nyannyan

The first question we tackle is one that frequently came up when Virtual World first entered the format several weeks ago. Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan can special summon itself from the graveyard if a level 3 monster is summoned to your field. Most of the other main deck Virtual World monsters let you send Virtual World cards to the graveyard and special summon themselves from the hand. The question arose whether or not Nyannyan would trigger in the graveyard if it was sent there by a level 3 Virtual World monster like Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji. The relevant text on Jiji is:

If this card is in your hand: You can target 1 "Virtual World" card you control; send 1 "Virtual World" card of a different type (Monster, Spell, Trap) from your Deck to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon this card, then, during the End Phase of this turn, you can add 1 "Virtual World" monster from your GY to your hand, except "Virtual World Xiezhi - Jiji".

nyannyan jiji lulu

So, Jiji could target a Virtual World spell or trap card, dump Nyannyan into the graveyard and special summon itself from the hand. Many people argued that in this scenario the Nyannyan that was just sent to the graveyard by Jiji could trigger in a new chain because Jiji says "and if you do," assuming the "and if you do" conjunction is not a simultaneous effect. However, this is wrong. A Nyannyan which was just sent to graveyard by Jiji cannot activate its effect in a new chain after Jiji's summon.

To understand why, we have to understand Problem-Solving Card Text. If we take a look at the "and if you do" conjunction, we will see that both happen at the same time. Thus, even though Jiji requires a card to be sent to the graveyard to special summon itself (causation), sending a card and special summoning still happen at the same time. In the context of the above question this means that sending Nyannyan and special summoning Jiji happen at the same time. Thus, Nyannyan is not yet in the graveyard in the moment when Jiji is summoned (or rather is sent at the same time Jiji is summoned) and cannot activate its effect to special summon itself from the graveyard.

Shenshen Versus Xuanwu

I have seen Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu being used to revive Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen countless of times. The player then often started breaking the opponent's board, telling their opponent that all cards that leave the field get banished by Shenshen. However, in this case they do not get banished because Xuanwu says: "Special Summon it, but negate its effects." This restriction also translates to Virtual World Beast - Jiujiu. You cannot use Xuanwu to special summon Jiujiu and then use Jiujiu's effect to send a card on the field to the graveyard. (Technically, you can activate Jiujiu's effect; it would just resolve negated.)

This is obviously not a ruling question but a "read the card" situation. Nonetheless I have seen many a player forget about Xuanwu's effect negation restriction. This is probably due to the fact that all the Virtual World main deck monsters do not have any on-field effects anyway. People tend to overlook the effect negation because most of the Virtual World monsters are not affected by it. But you should keep in mind that the Virtual World extra deck monsters do in fact have on-field effects and that those effects are negated if they get special summoned by Xuanwu.

shenshen xuanwu jiujiu

Xuanwu in Battle

Another situation I have frequently observed is someone using Xuanwu in the opponent's battle phase to put a monster onto the field for protection. This is actually wrong on two levels and, again, it is a case of "read the card" that does not require any other rulings. Xuanwu's special summon effect is preceded by the activation condition "During your Main Phase:"—thus, you cannot use it during your opponent's battle phase. Moreover, you cannot use it during your opponent's turn at all. Also, you cannot use it during your own battle phase to put an additional monster onto the field to go for the game. You would have to use Xuanwu in your main phase before you enter the battle phase.

Still I have witnessed people attempting to use Xuanwu during the battle phase, either their own or the opponent's, countless times. Keep the activation condition in mind so you don't accidentally get cheated on by your opponent or accidentally cheat on them.

Easter Egg

Your Turn

This was the first article of my "Rulings to Know" series. I will try to come up with an article for each format and elaborate on the most common misplays you might encounter. If you have a ruling question or would like me to discuss a given card interaction or situation in a future article, please leave a comment below. (No, MST does not negate opponent's spell or trap cards!) I will try to answer all of your questions and maybe even cover them in a future article.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily Cardmarket.


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DylanPayne(24.03.2021 22:12)

This archetype showed us again VFD was an accident, but it's still strong even without it

ByRob(24.03.2021 19:42)

Can this archetype be considered an accident or is it VFD that is the cause?

hugs1(24.03.2021 18:18)

It happens quite frequently that people accidentally cheat, but i would barely even call it cheating at that point because as a player you should know what your opponents cards do too

georgeStr(24.03.2021 16:36)

After the release of the virtual world we all can agree that konami might have brought us VFD by accident xD this deck working so good with this card was insane.

Razzudk(23.03.2021 23:37)

We all fall prey to rulling issues So it’s the kind of accident that always happens.

Wolfyes(23.03.2021 23:29)

I like this deck! It has a nice archetype and beautiful art work ... It reminds me of the times of the salamangreat but it would be a real accident if it ended up being targeted by the banlist

ygo-hitsuji(23.03.2021 09:00)

Rulings articles are really important, thank you! They help to avoid getting cheated on purpose or by "accident" by your opponent!

raffy2010(21.03.2021 19:35)

New cards rulings are so complex but it's important to know how it works, even though the accident that brought VFD away from TCG, virtual world carry on having a great consistency.

NBUlquiorra(18.03.2021 09:44)

We are all just humans and not some kind of computer with a program that always gets it right. If there is an accident and the opponent makes a false play.. Then its not a big deal. Something like this can happen!

cenaites(17.03.2021 14:47)

We all have been in the situation when the opponent by accident or by lack of knowledge attempts to active some card that can't be activated at the moment. And surely we have done the same. I recall the first time I played against Cherubini, I just asked my opponent what it did, and since he didn't clarified that sending was cost I tried to Veiler it, and since it was a legal activation, I was the one who didn't read the card, the judge didn't allow me to rewind

rinona73(17.03.2021 12:41)

I like this kind of articles, knowing rulings - especially meta-relevant ones - is very important so you don't missplay or cheat your opponent by accident .

Alex1415(17.03.2021 12:03)

Konami made an accident in creating an archetype of only salamangreat gazelle

Bulligi(17.03.2021 12:02)

The accident of having banned vfd was a bad blow but the deck is still strong

andrion(17.03.2021 12:00)

Loved the deck, but, 04/05/2017 - the True King of All Calamities release accident

Ludwing-(17.03.2021 11:56)

"There are no mistakes, just happy accidents"
-Konami creating VW

L0kki(17.03.2021 11:43)

Konamy did an accident when it released vw, vfd should have been banned since their release

Ciaipollus(17.03.2021 11:23)

Future idea? Why not Dragonmaid? I mean, i know it's supposed to be a easy-to-understand deck, but i always find so hard explaining to the person i'm dueling against. I may be an idiot myself, but the amount of accidents that we encounter in every duel is astonishing. Maybe we should shift to Summoned Skull Beatdown

Patek(17.03.2021 10:13)

I think it was an accident from Konami to release Firewall from the banned section. Maybe virtual world can abuse them.

LadyKaylee(16.03.2021 09:57)

When my brother and I were learning the game, we made so many misplays by accident, as we weren't good at understanding the rules. We struggled with the difference between discard and send to the graveyard, and I used to believe that Trap Holes would prevent the summoning entirely. I still believing that translating "negate" into "annulla" in Italian was a mistake on Konami's part because it's not intuitive at all.

Sgreff(16.03.2021 03:46)

Ignoring virtual worlds on pre-order was an unfortunate accident that could have been avoided had I only seen the potential

Alienkid911(15.03.2021 21:24)

I made an accident when I didn't get this deck, while it was slightly cheaper. Interesting deck, but very hard to pilot it seems.

Hekiou(15.03.2021 19:24)

Came here on accident, very nice article.

kevindiniho(15.03.2021 17:57)

When I started playing VW, I cheated by accident because I didnt know the ruling with jiji and nyann.

AkingApe97(15.03.2021 16:23)

I was just looking at the CardMarket Insight, and I found this article by accident, but now i'm really happy that i've read it! Always good to read and be curious ;)

TomyD92(15.03.2021 12:17)

I'm playing with oldshool cards like "Blue eyes white dragon", "Lord of D." and "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" so the old Kaiba Deck but those new Cards like "Virtual World" or "Xuanwu" wouldn't get their way into my Deck not even by accident.
So these new Cards and their rulings won't confuse me. XD

ORS19(14.03.2021 11:45)

Like Counting Crows once said, I must confess I felt accident ally in love with nyannyan when i first saw her... But I'll allways be a FFX's Lulu fan rather than Mai Hime....

Kenik(14.03.2021 11:06)

Oh i left my Chaos Emperor Dragon in the comments, can someone find it, it was a accident

vitttto17(14.03.2021 01:01)

I played like 10 games against this deck and by acciddnt won only one smh

KinkyEmoKano(13.03.2021 15:37)

I remember when I bought two displays of Phantom Rage on accident and had bunch of Virtual World core, instead of the Tri_Brigade core I was wishing for. Well, at least now I know how to usewthese cards now.

Card-Nick(13.03.2021 15:11)

Sometimes doing alot of combo gaming mechanism, you might miss potentially by accident the full chain of effects leading to ruling problems. But still over-all really interesting to read.

ArgosLordWolf(13.03.2021 14:46)

I'm vaccinated against playing combo loop of doom deck x) I used to play Spiritual Beast, and my brain melted everytime xD as I was learning combos, accident, missplays and more was the worse to care about...

Bonkers91(13.03.2021 14:09)

Its a very solid deck, but i am not this kind of a combo player. Using some OPT effects more tahn once by accindent, just because most auf them look /work so similar, makes me not confident enough to play this. So im stuck playing crusadia^^

KilworthYGO(13.03.2021 14:01)

What i want to know is when konami do stuff like this e. G virtual world making lv 9s easily , and the sky striker spells not being once per turn , and numeron making zexal, is it on purpose or an accident?

SoraScarlet(13.03.2021 13:55)

I think Konami did the synergy with Cards like VFD as Mistake by Accident. Virtual World could be played in different Ways, but all the Meta-Sheeps runnin after THE Combo. Thats so sad and blocks creativity. :(

MjammMjam(13.03.2021 13:47)

Damn i have done the Jiji Play by accident a few Times when i learned to play the Deck. But its an interesting Strategy, hope to see new Plays since VD got banned.

opto4(13.03.2021 13:21)

Some people say this deck is easy to play, as you just follow the same basics combos and end on VFD. I think it's easy to play, but extremely hard to play in the correct way. There are always so many options depending on the matchup and you can make a lot of minor mistakes by accident. Anyway, I'm so glad that VFD got banned.

Crashme(09.03.2021 14:33)

I really love posts like that always nice to have resources to get back to and use as reference to avoid to misplay by accident.

Flicnlic(06.03.2021 23:43)

Found this article by accident. Have to say its really well written and informative. Keep up the good work

Yukimura(09.03.2021 15:20)

Flicnlic Thank you for your feedback! Sometimes accidents can be good ;)

xHerzchenx(06.03.2021 23:36)

Nice and thorough article, pal. This clarifies a lot of stuff, which some of my friends did wrong by accident. I would like to see more content in this direction.

Taricovic(06.03.2021 23:24)(Edited: 06.03.2021 23:36)

"There are no missplays, only happy little accident" - Bob Muto Ross

N8MARE(05.03.2021 18:01)

I think its funny, that their are not one accident that can happen with Xuanwu, but two if not read correctly.

Also the Jiji/Nyannyan Ruling is a little sad if you would like to use a small VW Engine or something. Its crazy how much "hidden" ruling their is yugioh, like for example Dark Flattop and Sky Fire and such.

kimeragrigia(03.03.2021 22:19)

Now I understand why it works like that, thanks a ton pal! Sure is hard to master the game with all these conjunctions but thanks to these articles, there will never be any minor hiccup/accident during my plays!

ToonManiac(02.03.2021 23:09)

Cool fact about Virtual words that is not an accident :)
Every "Virtual World" monster is either humanoid in appearance or has the appearance of an animal robot
The animal robot monsters have the motif of a "Zuiju"—a mysterious beast that appears as a good sign :)

Legobizarre(02.03.2021 16:49)

Sure many players have activated Virtual World Gate - Xuanwu by accident, but others surely not, like yami yugi XD

tatsym(02.03.2021 13:34)

I might have accident ally scooped prematurely after shenshen had been revived with the trap a number of times :(

Yukimura(02.03.2021 13:57)

Tatsym And I think that the additional space in your comment was no accident :-P

tatsym(02.03.2021 14:07)

Yukimura I donnot speake englishe I dont understand :)

Riser(02.03.2021 08:39)

Man I felt bad when I learned the Jiji vs. Nyannyan one. It did come up a while ago when I was testing my deck on the simulators and I was wondering why the heck Nyannyan wasn't triggering. I looked it up and sure enough, I had failed to read my cards for the Nth time. I cannot tell you how many times I've summon Nyannyan off Jiji by accident in remote duels... I'm just lucky it didn't happen during a tournament...

I like the article, btw. Though the title is a tad milseading (given the examples can all be solved by "read your cards"), it still tackles plenty of common misplays, and it's always good for more people to know about those. Plus it's a nice read and has some character, which I appreciate.

Yukimura(02.03.2021 10:00)

Riser You are right about the title, which is why I wrote that some situations won't be actual rulings but "read-the-card"-situations. Thank you for your feedback! :)

gsus6(02.03.2021 07:55)

The "Jiji versus Nyannyan" case is an example of complex card ruling in my opinion, which could lend to VW players missplaying by accident. But with the other two, you have to pay extra attention not to get cheated, intentionally or unintentionally.
I think there are always these kind of cards with certain restrictions in every deck, that people use to forget sometimes (myself included).

Yukimura(02.03.2021 08:27)

Gsus6 I do really think that often people just forget about those restrictions. A similar example is a player summoning the fire monster that was added by Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf during the same time. This is why I think it is important to make everyone aware of those restrictions so that they do not get cheated or accidentally cheat on their opponents. However, there will always be people intentionally ignoring these restrictions, which is why my aim is also to make their opponents aware of this.

gsus6(02.03.2021 09:45)

Yukimura I have some restrictions in my own decks that I sometimes forget about (i. E. 'Obedience Schooled' locking you from Special Summoning monsters other than Beasts). I always try to make my oponent aware about the restrictions in my cards as you suggested, and I'd be more than grateful if my opponent points it out for me. If you make long combos is easy to forget about that first card that you played that locked you from doing something ^^

Yukimura(02.03.2021 09:58)

Gsus6 It is very good to tell the opponent about the restrictions so that they are also aware of them. I usually do the same. For example, I tell my opponents that I am locked out of the Extra Deck until the end of my next turn after resolving Dogmatika Punishment.

IoHFalloutBoY(02.03.2021 06:21)

Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card is in the GY.

Can I use this kind of effect in my opponents End Phase when it is not a quick effect?

Yukimura(02.03.2021 07:41)

IoHFalloutBoY This is how trigger effects are worded. They can be used during either players' turn when their condition is met. Mystic Mine is worded like this and checks in both players' end phases, for example.

Rinne23(02.03.2021 02:28)

Always seeing this inCident. No one reads their Cards. In remote DuEls, i dont have their cards in froNt of me, so i canT read them and i always get scammed

Yukimura(02.03.2021 07:45)

Rinne23 In Remote Duels it is indeed a lot worse because you do not have the card right in front of you. You can, however, look it up (for example via the Neuron App). This requires some time but you will be able to read the card yourself.

Reaper007(02.03.2021 00:56)

All these problems could have been solved just by reading the cards correctly, except the nyan and jiji thing that needed to be explained in order to understand it but yeah kinda sad that people Dont read their own cards correctly tho

Yukimura(02.03.2021 07:43)

Reaper007 You are right. However, it still happens very often that people do not read their cards properly. My aim is to make people aware of the most common misplays in the current format.

Yugi-Classic(02.03.2021 00:51)

I like that this article is showing people who don't actually play Yu-Gi-Oh on a daily basis some rulings of the game. Mostly it happens on accident that some rules will be understand wrongfully and this article helps alot to understand the rules, even if you do not even play the game. Keep up the good work.

Yukimura(02.03.2021 07:42)

Yugi-Classic Thank you very much for your feedback! I will try to write similar articles in the future. :)