Staples to Pick Up in Preparation for Burst of Destiny


This year's most anticipated core set is almost here! Burst of Destiny will shake up a somewhat stale format, introduce new meta decks, and power up some others. What cards should you have in your arsenal if you plan on making the most of the new set? Let's have a look at the most promising candidates!

yazi - baxia

Raiza the Mega Monarch

Raiza the Mega Monarch has been gathering dust in players' binders for the past few years. However, Floowandereeze are here to take the game by storm—no pun intended. For a deck that is powerful yet somewhat lacking in boss monsters, Raiza perfectly fits the bill! It is a winged beast, which makes it searchable. Let me tell you, no one wants to face a searchable Mega Raiza that has the capability to get rid of up to two cards on the field and one in the graveyard. Non-destruction removal is scary, isn't it? That goes double when the effects end up being protected as the first link of the chain.

Raiza the Mega Monarch

If you plan on playing Floowandereeze and haven't picked up your copy of Raiza yet, do not wait too long!

Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds

Another tech in the Floowandereeze deck, Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds is searchable and simply says to your opponent, "I do not like the fact that your deck is able to normal summon, stop please!" Summoning this card on your opponent's turn will force them to stop their combos and waste their battle phase just to get rid of it if they want to be able to continue their plays. If they cannot get rid of it that turn, they will be so far behind, as Floowandereeze quickly spam the field with big and little brave birds that like to travel to the opponent's life points.

Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds

Baxia & Yazi

I am listing these two cards together because they somewhat serve the same purpose. Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing and Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing are the original wyrm synchro monsters. Burst of Destiny is giving us one of the strongest decks we are receiving this year: Swordsoul is a wyrm deck that revolves around synchro summoning. Baxia and Yazi not only are wyrm monsters but really help wyrm decks out.

baxia, brightness of the Yang Zing yazi, evil of the Yang Zing

Baxia gains bonuses if synchro summoned using wyrm monsters with different attributes and can usually spin one or two cards back to the deck from the opponent's field. (Is this a trend now? Both new decks need external support to spin cards back into the deck. Coincidence?) Not only that, Baxia can destroy itself or another card on your field to special summon a level four or lower wyrm from the graveyard. Meanwhile, Yazi can destroy itself along with one card controlled by the opponent, before replacing itself with a wyrm monster from the deck regardless of its level. Both monsters not only provide solutions to threats from the extra deck but are huge consistency boosters too!

Fusion Destiny

I am not going to talk much about the monster that this card is meant to summon, all I will say is that the Destiny HERO boss monster from Burst of Destiny is worth picking up, regardless of its price tag. You can expect a whole article on it from one of my fellow writers here very soon. Now, in order to pick up that monster, you will need to have Fusion Destiny. Basically, it is the same thing as Red-Eyes Fusion but provides an alternative to Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. Expect to see Fusion Destiny pop up in a lot of decks to accommodate the new boss monster. Couple that with Predaplant Verte Anaconda and you have the makings of Dragoon 2.0.

Fusion Destiny

Token Collector

A card that appears time after time, depending on the metagame, Token Collector is basically your anti-Swordsoul side-deck option in this format. Once summoned, it destroys all tokens on the field and doesn't allow any new ones to hit the field. Given that the Swordsoul deck does not have any tuner monsters and solely relies on making tuner tokens, Collector simply brings the deck to a halt. Expect to see it in almost every side deck during competitive events from now on. If you are playing Swordsoul, be prepared to face this card a lot and make sure you have some outs to it.

Token Collector

Of course, the set has many other strategies that need a helping hand from already existing cards. My focus above was on the most sought-after pickups for the competitive scene. What other cards do you believe are worth picking up either to help or to stop the strategies coming out in Burst of Destiny? If you have spicy tech or think a card deserves to be added to this list, please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Mr-Volcano(28.10.2021 17:03)

An article to spike up the price tags of these cards. No, I'm not going to buy any of that.

jojo95(28.10.2021 17:07)

Mr-Volcano: They already spiked severel weeks before. I dont think they can go even higher.

meta3(03.11.2021 14:37)

They can. Check it out :)jojo95

Lollo8888(11.11.2021 10:51)

This comment aged really bad (look at raiza)

mr--noname-(28.10.2021 16:54)

This would have been useful, before all of these cards already spiked like crazy.

Pocketrocket(28.10.2021 22:29)

Mr--noname- Even if this article had been written beforehand, the cards would have spiked due to the sudden rush to get them ; that the article would have incited.

AlexD3009(28.10.2021 22:33)

Mr--noname- you get token collector i. E. For around two cents. Same goes for baxia. Yazi is around 20 cents. You can get a barrier statue for around 15 cts and was a bit more expensive when bird up was a thing. The only two cards which really spiked are fusion destiny as well as raiza. And both cards went up waaaaaaay longer ago when flowandereez and destroyer phoenix enforcer were announced.

Leonkli(29.10.2021 00:39)

It didnt actually spiked when he got announced it spiked when the ocg started playing him in every single deck.

SJK123(28.10.2021 16:51)

Floowandeez nutz