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Step right in for another tale from the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! lore. Our protagonist this time already appeared briefly in a previous article, trying to gain entry into the castle. It's none other than Goblin of Greed, a dubious character who attempted to become rich through the powers of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s most famous pot.

scrounging upstart goblin of greed


As always in this series, I must clarify two things. Only TCG-released cards will be covered in these articles. Moreover, this is my interpretation of the story told through those cards. Yours might be the same or completely different, so take these stories with a grain of salt. Additionally, this card's story is more well known in comparison to others featured in this series. So it is possible you have seen different takes on it elsewhere.

Glory of the Past and Downfall

Goblin of Greed was once very rich and powerful. Unlike other goblins, he wasn't just part of a mere expendable fighting crew. He found a way to rise in both wealth and power.

His glorious days were not to last forever, though. Despite the fact that he was already really wealthy, he wanted more. After all, he is the Goblin of Greed. So he decided to invest his entire fortune in an attempt to expand it. Unfortunately for him, his plans did not come into fruition, his investments failed miserably, and he lost everything. In my opinion, he probably used his money to buy NFTs.

Upstart Goblin Bubble Crash Goblin of Greed
Well, he certainly is no wolf of Wall Street

Anyway, this event obviously devastated the poor goblin. He now had to get back on his feet. But he did not choose a lawful way to do so.

Trying to Get Back on His Feet

After his financial downfall, the goblin had to act quickly in order to manage. He was used to living a prosperous life, so he wanted to get back to his former habits fast. The easiest way to do so for a goblin like our protagonist is no other than stealing. One day, he went to a local shop to find a few valuables to fill his pockets with. And oh boy, did he find some. A Pot of Greed! A card that allows to draw … uhm, I mean a quite expensive item that could help him get some hot cash quickly.

Now that he had the pot, he had to find a buyer for it to turn it into actual money. So he found a lord in his area. Initially, his attempts to persuade the lord to buy the artifact went in vain. However, the sly goblin eventually managed to convince the lord to buy it.

In the meantime, the goblin tried to get his hands on more valuables to sell. He found a roaming supply carriage and managed to steal a jar from it. In an attempt to get inside a castle in the area, he got arrested and ended up in prison for a while.

After returning from prison, the goblin had to face a new problem. Sadly, the pot he sold to the liege man was not in a good condition and its handle broke. As a result, the lord wanted the goblin to take the pot back and fix it. Not knowing how to fix the pot, he decided to turn to the store he stole the pot from. He even brought the jar he stole earlier as well.

Jar Robber Cash Back
Remember kids, it's not a good thing to be a thief

The shop owner obviously did not want to help the goblin, despite of his crying and begging. On the contrary, he took the two artifacts and threw them directly at him, shattering them to pieces. Without the pot, the goblin now had to return the lord's money. With an empty stomach and pockets, the goblin had to become a beggar in order to survive.

Leading an Honest Life

Moving on, the goblin understood, or at least that's what it looked like, that it is impossible to survive under such terms. He had to stop his illegal activities and start a normal, honest life like everyone else. As a result, he applied and got a position in a factory. For quite a while, the goblin was working hard, being an eager and good employee.

However, things were about to change for the worse. One night, after finishing his shift, the goblin started to walk around inside the factory. Entering rooms at random, he stumbled upon a familiar item. He found a pot of greed inside one of the rooms. He didn't even hesitate as his greed immediately took over. He only thought about stealing and selling the pot. And that's exactly what he did. He didn't waste a second, took the pot, and sold it at a local market.

Dark Factory of Mass Production Peeking Goblin
The goblin named after one of the seven deadly sins

It is unknown how he left his honest job. He probably just quit after getting the money from the pot. Nevertheless, this time, he used the proceeds to buy a small house with a garden.

The Garden Saga and Finale

In his new home, the goblin was working in his garden. The lawn was very dense and long, causing him to sneeze a lot. So he decided, with the help of a very particular dog, to do something about it and mow the lawn. While cutting the taller grass, he found a familiar snake, which used a pot of greed to live inside.

The discovery of the snake gave the goblin a business idea. But he needed some more money in order to buy the necessary equipment for it. He wanted to purchase a flute and a turban. So he used a never seen before power of the new pot he just found. The goblin, with the pot's help, won at a jackpot machine.

Eventually, he bought the items he wanted and went to the local market, where other individuals were also doing acts in order to get some coins. Comedians and bodybuilders were already there. Among them, our green friend found some space for his show. It was a disaster. The snake would not obey his presumed master. Instead, it started to attack him. During the struggle, a piece of the pot broke off.

That Grass Looks Greener Goblin Circus Scrounging Goblin
Once rich, throwing coins, and now poor, hoping to receive them

After the above events and since the broken pot would not be of much help for the jackpot, the goblin decided to trade and sell it for another kind of pot. Once again, our protagonist fell victim to his own greed. Karma also punished him, as the pot he just bought had the same problem as the one he sold to the lord some time ago. The seller at the market would not take it back as he had found a newer, rarer item. Our goblin was now penniless. He only had the damaged pot of duality and nothing more. No chance to get a job back at the factory. No show with the snake. Just a pot he sadly held in his hands, hoping that someone would pity him and throw him a coin or two.


This was the story of the greediest goblin in the game. I hope you enjoyed learning about the ups and downs of his life. At this point, I would like to ask you, the reader, to give me your insight. There are some storylines of cards that have been featured in games like Master Duel. Would you like to read my interpretation of these stories or would it be better to leave them be? Do you have any particular ones or others that you are keen to hear about? Fill us up in the comment section below.

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Franedsandi(17.01.2023 08:00)

There is also the card piece of greed that is one of the fragments of the pot of greed that got broken in the second time, poor goblins, slave of his own greed

Benemone(14.01.2023 09:53)

2nd best yugioh lore