Useful Generic Cards from Phantom Rage


Phantom Rage is out. Apart from archetype-specific legacy support and entirely new archetypes hitting the scene, we also get a bunch of generic cards that fit into different decks or side decks. Let us take a look and see what this set has to offer us in the generic cards department.

#1 – Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen

Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen

Yes, we did say we were going to talk about generic cards. Name-wise, Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen is part of the Virtual World archetype. However, there is nothing in its effect that ties it to the archetype. Its effects are totally generic and can fit into any deck that can make a level-nine synchro monster. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier has always been the go-to monster of this kind, but a generic Macro Cosmos with 2,800 attack points is nothing to scoff at either. It also has the ability to return a banished monster to the graveyard once per turn when a monster you control declares an attack. The last effect is just icing on the cake. You can banish two monsters from the graveyard to special summon Shenshen back from the graveyard.

The card can be used as a generic floodgate. It could also be useful in strategies that benefit from banishing cards such as decks utilizing Necroface or returning cards to the graveyard to be used again later on. Imagine being able to use something cheesy like Necro Gardna over and over.

#2 – Warning Point

Warning Point

Say hello a card that is part Dimensional Barrier and part Infinite Impermanence. Warning Point is one of the more interesting cards out of the set. It does a lot on its own and solves multiple problems single-handedly. Of course, the downside is that since this is a trap card, it has to be already set on the field to work, but its multiple cumulative effects are worth a good look. First, it can negate the effect of a monster (or monsters) depending on how many are summoned at the same time. Also, that monster (or monsters) cannot attack.

Imagine pendulum summoning five monsters and being hit with Warning Point. You basically would just end your turn at that point, especially as the last part of its effect is that the monsters hit by the card cannot be used as material for any kind of summon … well, except for a tribute summon really. This card can stop the opponent from one-turn-killing you, from extending, and/or from ending on a strong board. How relevant the card is remains to be seen. However, for the moment, it is theoretically worth a spot in the side decks of strategies that can go first.

#3 – Alpha, the Master of Beasts

Alpha, the Master of Beasts dinowrestler pankratops

Meet the bigger Dinowrestler Pankratops … I mean Alpha, the Master of Beasts. One of the most exciting cards in the set is playable either in going-second decks or in side decks. It cannot be normal summoned and can only special summon itself if the opponent controls monsters with higher total attack than you. But a 3,000-attack beatstick that can special summon itself for almost no cost is something opponents need to worry about.

Alpha would work a lot better in decks relying on Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast monsters. However, even in decks that do not utilize these types, Alpha is still a troublesome card. You can target as many Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast monsters you control — even if it is only Alpha — and return them to hand in order to return the same number of monsters that your opponent controls back to their hand. If Alpha remains on the field, it cannot attack directly though.

Due to the limitation of Pankratops, Alpha becomes such an appealing card. Pankratops can destroy cards during either player's turn but at the cost of sending itself to the graveyard. Alpha can be used only during its owner's turn but since it returns to the hand, it can be summoned again next turn. It has higher attack thankPankratops, so it can destroy larger monsters in the battle before bouncing others back to hand. It is one of the chase cards of the set and will be a big part of the side deck going forward.

#4 – Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder

Isn't the name itself indicative of how powerful this card is? Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder is generic to any deck that can use Xyz monsters. Although it needs two level-twelve monsters as materials, it can also be summoned over an Xyz monster that has attacked already during this turn. Hint: Zoodiac Boarbow is your friend here. AA-ZEUS is a 3,000-attack beatstick that can send all other cards from the field to the graveyard during either player's turn, at the cost of detaching two materials from it. Now there is nothing on the card that says that the effect is once per turn. If there are enough materials, the effect can be used multiple times per turn … and even multiple times per chain. AA-ZEUS then can play around a negate by chaining to itself.

In the OCG, Zoodiacs make for a very strong deck in particular due to the addition of AA-ZEUS. We will just have to wait and see if the deck will have the same impact in the TCG.

#5 – Mahaama the Fairy Dragon

Mahaama, the Fairy Dragon

One of the lesser-known cards of the set, Mahaama the Fairy Dragon is basically a card that is better suited for going into time or finishing games. When either player takes battle damage, during the opponent's turn, this card can be special summoned from the hand before either increasing its controller's life points or reducing those of the opponent by the same amount of the damage taken.

The card may not see any competitive play, but it is nice to have a card that can special summon itself, increase your life points — or reduce your opponent's life points — while putting an additional monster on the board with 2,500 defense points.

Out of all the above cards, Alpha, the Master of Beasts and Warning Point are probably the cards destined to find their way into the most decks. Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder is about to find a home in most Xyz-centric decks. What other generic cards from Phantom Rage do you think have a chance to see play?

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AlexD3009(17.11.2020 00:31)

Warning point definitely was more hyped than it actually sees play nowadays. Of course as a trap it's really slow in the meta but heavy backrow decks like Altergeist possibly could use this trap as a really supportive disruption in the second turn.

It also is a heavy disruption against heavy combo decks like dragon link because of its ability to disrupt effects and link summoning. Overall I think its a little bit underrated depending on the fact its a trap. But lucky for me its not tooooo expensive to buy myself the missing two copies :D

Pharaoh7(17.11.2020 15:03)

It will probably have its formats, just hold on to your copies ;)