Yu-Gi-Oh! Hot Takes: Mystic Mine

What's mine is mine, and what's thine, in the end, doesn't even matter. Opinions are divided, as they always are, on any topic, but Mystic Mine may just be the most divisive card of all time. On one side are the players who whine, on the other side there's Konami saying, "Everything's fine."


Dark Neostorm released roughly three and a half years ago. This set was stacked with extremely impactful cards such as Cynet Mining and Ib the World Chalice Justiciar. However, the (probably) most impactful and (definitely) most infamous was Mystic Mine. So why is this card still legal?

Why People Hate Mystic Mine

I truly believe Mystic Mine to be the most widely hated card in the history of this game. Mind you, I wasn't around back when Yata-Garasu was poking people into oblivion as I only started playing in 2017. However, during my delvings into the game's history, I have never seen such widespread disdain as for the mine which is mystic. But why the hate? Are players just crying because they're not playing backrow removal? Is it truly a skilless, sacky floodgate? Well, there's a saying in Spain: "Ni tanto ni tan poco," which roughly means, "not as much, not as little." Yes, it is a floodagate and floodgates are unfun and the worst part of the game. Yes, playing backrow removal does out it. But does it make the game better?

Harpie's Feather Duster Dark Hole High Rate Draw
The existence of Mine brings obvious, classic, and unique ways to out it into the fray

Now Mystic Mine is simply an individual piece of a much bigger machine called generic floodgates. If you've been following my articles, you've no doubt come to realize that I strongly dislike these cards. I stand by all my arguments. Generic cards that turn off a core mechanic of Yu-Gi-Oh! with little to no cost should not be a part of the game. This feeling, I hope and think, is shared by the community at large. The entire playerbase joined forces against Imperial Order, and with good reason. But still, a part of me feels like Mystic Mine is slightly different.

Arguments Against Mine

It's dumb. Let's get that out of the way. Have you ever read Kaiser Colosseum? Yeah, this one is banned because it's stupid, generic, and most importantly, unfun. As you may be able to guess, I'm mentioning this old, continuous spell intentionally. Back in the day, this floodgate was exploited by decks looking to sit on a single monster throughout most of the game. Bujin was a deck that greatly benefited from this. Summoning Bujin Yamato and protecting it with its own effect until your opponent died from old age was a strategy you had to expect during the Judgment of the Light format. In a very similar vein, Mystic Mine causes games to devolve into grind fests of continually passing turns until the heat death of the universe.

At its worst, Mystic Mine causes skilless situations where you just have to "draw the out." These games are what people most commonly associate with the field spell. Especially when in 2022, Mystic Mine Stun won a goddamn YCS. Quickly forgotten—because it sucks—this deck aimed to set up a Mystic Mine and flood the opponent's field with useless do-nothing monsters so they got locked out of playing the game. And the sad reality is that most Mine apologists are also people who used to play these decks reminiscent of watching paint dry.

Field Barrier Ojama Trio Dark Bribe
The jankiest cards that just randomly fit into Mine Stun are always fun to see

Arguments for Mine

However, not everything's dark in the Mystic Mine. Something people tend to forget is all the formats where Mystic Mine is just a supporting second card. Yes, they're much less common, but they do exist. And these are the situations which make me doubt if I truly want this card out of the game. Sometimes, it just means a more interactive Dark Ruler No More. And that's a part I love about the game. Cards don't have a role written in stone. Their use cases vary and adapt to every given format, making for extremely creative deckbuilding and interesting gameplay.

I particularly remember playing this absolute pile of a 60-card Phantom Knight deck which utilized Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio to search Fusion Destiny and ran a ton of going-second cards, including the aforementioned Dark Ruler No More, Forbidden Droplet, and obviously Mystic Mine. And not to mention all the formats where Mine just isn't good. During Virtual World, people just had in-engine outs to it in the form of Virtual World Gate - Chuche. This is just one example of many decks which include outs, such as Salamangreat, Orcust, Sky Striker, Runick, Floowandereeze … Even now, Tearlaments can find ways to pop it with Primeval Planet Perlereino. Bystial decks can remove it with Branded Beast. I find it interesting how, for most of its lifetime, Mine hasn't really been played that much.

Dracoback the Rideable Dragon Runick Destruction Salamangreat Rage
Some decks just have that one piece of generic removal that drives Mine out of the format

Why It Hasn't Been Banned

With all that said, I still stand for Mystic Mine needing to be banned. Spell floodgates with little to no restrictions just aren't fun. Now, we all saw Joshua Schmidt summoning Beat Cop from the Underworld in order to protect his Mystic Mine from his opponent's out. This catapulted the floodgate into the spotlight of the community's wrath. And rightfully so. I'm all for innovation, but protecting a floodgate is not quite the innovative gameplay I'm looking for. In two very close events, we saw floodgates take game after game, and people almost assumed that this would be the last we'd see of Spellstone Sorcerer Karood in his little cave.

But once the ban list came, Mine was still running around. Why? Well, I've learned to accept that Konami understands their own game a lot better than I assumed. Again and again, we have craved for cards or whole engines to be hit, only for time to prove that there was no need. Despia, Adventurer, Swordsoul, Eldlich, and many more were all decks people were absolutely convinced would wind up on the ban list, but they ended up dodging it. Mystic Mine might just be the last in a long line of overblown threats which will gracefully slide into irrelevance. I doubt the community's most beloved field spell will stay forever, and I have high hopes I'm right on that one.

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Hero-Player(22.11.2022 16:04)


Davidveith(19.11.2022 12:45)

Sehr interessanter Artikel.
Ich selbst spiele auch Mystic Mine. Diese Karte ist eine optimale Ergänzung zu meiner Spielweise. Meine Decks sind speziell darauf ausgebaut keine Monster zu beinhalten. Ich persönlich kann mit Monsterkarten nichts anfangen und habe dafür eine große Leidenschaft für Fallen- und Zauberkarten.
Es ist sehr anspruchsvoll nur mit Fallen und Zaubern zu spielen. Eine Mine sicher aufs Feld zu bekommen ist auch nicht so leicht bei dieser Spielweise.
Wenn ich mir die üblichen Metadecks betrachte finde ich persönlich, dass die aktuellen Monsterkarten mit ihren Fähigkeiten auch jenseits von Gut und Böse sind.
Wenn ein Spieler sein Deck danach auslegt nur gegen Monster zu spielen und mit einer anderen Spielweise nicht zurecht kommt, dann ist es eher traurig dass die Decks dermaßen unflexibel geworden sind.
Früher wurden erheblich mehr Fallen und Zauber in das Deck getan. Muss man nicht klar, aber dann soll man auch nicht schimpfen wenn jemand anders es macht. Das Spiel ist gerade durch die individuelle Zusammenstellung so interessant.
Wenn dann noch das Sidedeck den Fall auf einen Zauberspieler nicht abdecken kann, dann ist einfach das Deck nicht optimal und nicht der Gegner unfair.
Es ist unglaublich wie aggressiv Spieler die die Mine haben entgegen getreten wir. Harmlose Beleidigung wie "Du bist hier nicht erwünscht " sind da noch harmlos. Nur deswegen spiele ich keine Turniere mehr, obwohl gerade das much reizt. Mir wurde sogar schon Schläge angedroht. Und das nicht online sondern beim Tunier, und niemanden hat es interessiert. Im Gegenteil, alle waren auf deren Seite.
Online sind die Beleidigungen noch erheblich schlimmer. Daher schreibe ich auch online mit keinem Gegner.
Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn Spieler genauso akzeptiert würden die eine untypische Spielweise haben, wie diejenigen die ein mega teures, vorgekautes, Metadeck spielen.
Die Mine ist nicht unfair, sie ist eine Herausforderung und ist auch mit einem ausgewogenen Deck zu schlagen.
Vielen Dank für die Diskussion.
LG David

Hero-Player(24.11.2022 23:17)

Mine war unfair und deswegen ist die Karte in einer Woche nicht mehr legal. :)

GameroftheTime(26.11.2022 14:16)

Ich selbst bin ein großer fan von der Mine. Ich verstehe durchaus warum leute diese karte hassen. Dennoch ist mine eine super karte, um recht günstig mit der aktzuellen meta mit halten zu können. Das alleine reicht mir aus, diese Karte zu lieben. Doch wie gesagt, ich kann durchaus verstehen, warum sie gebannt wird.

Parrot-Icecream(18.11.2022 01:34)

Calling ojama trio and dark bribe ''junkiest'' cards shows how new you are to the game.

Kaschdl(18.11.2022 09:37)

Parrot-Icecream They are junky. Maybe not 10 years ago, but for sure in 2022.

Parrot-Icecream(18.11.2022 15:40)(Edited: 18.11.2022 15:46)

Kaschdl even by your definition how a card that is used in a competitive deck junky? By that definition Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous for example is a junky card or even junkier than ojama trio (btw was on the banlist for some years). Cards that were played a lot back in the day and apparently still are can not be called junky. Save that word for cards that were never played and are played first time now maybe. Or maybe you are trying to call junky what is bad in 2002 unga bounga yugioh and by that definition effect veiler is beyond trash. Calling junk, cards that were good in the past at some point and are good now is definitely a hot take on its own.

Lepprince(18.11.2022 15:42)

Parrot-Icecream I called them "jank", not "junk", very different things.

Parrot-Icecream(18.11.2022 15:48)(Edited: 18.11.2022 15:55)

Lepprince If you just mean wonky/weird then its ok I agree. But a lot of people mean very bad with that word at least by my knowledge.(Also I did not mean to missquote you sorry for that)

Lepprince(18.11.2022 16:13)

Parrot-Icecream Oh that's fine, don't worry haha. But yeah, I'm aware that trio and specially bribe were very relevant in their respective eras. I'll keep the wording clearer going forward!

Parrot-Icecream(18.11.2022 16:34)

Lepprince What's a comment section without some heated comments :D. Keep on writing..

Azdrerios(18.11.2022 01:09)


That's a hot take

Parrot-Icecream(18.11.2022 01:32)

Azdrerios Truly