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This is the place to be if you like reading about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. This category contains articles on Advanced, Traditional, GOAT, Speed Duels, and any other pre-built formats. Read the latest competitive strategies on Yu-Gi-Oh! right here.

All Articles in the Constructed Category

Traptrix: From H.A.T. to Deck

By Matilda (2022-05-17)

The Traptrix archetype features level/rank four monsters utilizing various trap cards. Originally introduced in Judgment of the Light, it took half a year and the release of Primal Origins to get the deck to a playable state. It received support throughout the years and remains a viable rogue strategy to this day.


Ghosts From the Past Haunt the Market

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-05-13)

Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting was released on May 5. The set is an incredible blend of nostalgia, collectibles, much-needed reprints, and tournament-worthy cards, some new to the TCG, some just new for us in Europe. Why do not we go through the set and find out what all the hype is about?


Invoked: Five Years of Normal Summons

By Lepprince (2022-05-05)

February 23, 2017 saw the release of Fusion Enforcers. The set brought with it a ton of Predaplant and Fluffal support, but vastly overshadowing these two was Invoked. This simple but versatile engine quickly found itself in top cut breakdowns. How did it happen? And why are people still playing it five years later?


Engine Spotlight: Branded Fusion

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-04-28)

Structure Deck: Albaz Strike has dropped, and immediately the Despia/Branded deck started racking up finishes in the top of cut of various tournaments. It is all thanks to one engine that is splashable into many decks. Today we talk about this engine and its potential effect on deck building in the future.


Structure Deck Review: Albaz Strike

By TheLastPharaoh (2022-04-21)

Albaz Strike is a structure deck that has been anticipated and impatiently awaited by the community since its release in the OCG. The structure deck not only gives a boost to the Despia strategy but also benefits other decks. Let's have a look and rate its various components, shall we?