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Articles about Yu-Gi-Oh! lore (yeah, we even discuss the anime here), artwork, and all the extraneous fun stuff, plus much, MUCH more. This category has pretty much anything that isn’t strictly about play, finance, or spoilers, so expect a lot of variety!

All Articles in the Entertainment Category

An Interview with Two-Time YCS Champion Raphael Neven

By Tatsym (2021-06-03)

Everyone has to start somewhere. Your journey may begin at your first locals or just playing casual games with your friends. We all learn and improve over time. Today, we are joined by Raphael Neven, a famous Dutch player who can look back on a particularly impressive journey. Time for an interview!


Top 10 Card Art in Yu-Gi-Oh!

By ThomasR (2021-05-11)

With now more than 10,000 different cards printed, the game's catalogue features a huge range of visual styles and themes in its illustrations. Working within the confines of just a 44 millimeter square, the artists really need to optimize their images. Here are a few of the very best.


Remote Duels: Good or Bad?

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-03-30)

The pandemic arrived and changed how we live our lives. We had to adapt to new realities and change the way we did a lot of things. Yu-Gi-Oh! events were put on hold because of the risks associated with gathering. But then Konami came up with their answer to revitalize play: remote duels!


War Rock: Too Fair, But It's What the Game Was Meant to Be

By KoGames (2021-03-18)

Let's get this out of the way first thing: War Rock is bad. However, what we'll be discussing in this article is not wether this archetype is meta relevant because it is obvious that it is not. Instead this article will make the case that the playstyle of War Rock is how this game was meant to be played.


Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Yu-Gi-Oh!

By ThomasR (2021-03-03)

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a trading card game that originated in Japan but can now be found in a wide range of languages across the globe. It can be played casually or in tournaments, from the local level to championships with thousands of competitors. But is it a worthwhile hobby for your children?