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Articles about Yu-Gi-Oh! lore (yeah, we even discuss the anime here), artwork, and all the extraneous fun stuff, plus much, MUCH more. This category has pretty much anything that isn’t strictly about play, finance, or spoilers, so expect a lot of variety!

All Articles in the Entertainment Category

Yu-Gi-Oh! History: Life After Goats

By RyanA (2021-02-16)

If you regularly watch Yu-Gi-Oh! content on YouTube, you will definitively have come across the term "Goat format" before, referencing the state of the game in the summer of 2005. However, not many people are familiar with how the game progressed afterward. What changed after Goats?


Fear of Coming Back: The Erratum

By Tatsym (2021-02-04)

Occasionally, Konami releases cards from long stints on the ban list. But not all cards can be allowed back in. These rare cases where a card is too powerful, too unfun, or too time-consuming. But Konami has implemented a "nuclear option" for these situations: errata.


Why Do We Play?

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-01-28)

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a game we all love. It has affected our lives in all kinds of different ways, whether we admit it or not, and also for different reasons. Everyone enjoys different aspects of the game in their own way. Let's talk about some of these aspects and some of the answers to the question why we play …


Evolution of Yu-Gi-Oh! After the 2020 Master Rule Revision

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-01-05)

Every new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime brings with it a different mechanic, but recently Konami is taking a break from adding more summoning methods. Let's look at the more subtle adjustments that Konami has been implementing since the Vrains series ended. Let's talk about what they are doing and what the benefits are.


The Top 5 Best-Selling Monsters, Spells, and Traps of 2020

By ThomasR (2020-12-21)

For our final Insight article of the year, we're revealing the correct answers to our Christmas contests. It's time to show off the monster, spell, and trap cards that were traded the most on Cardmarket.com between January and the end of October. How many of them did you guess correctly?