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Power of the Elements: Back to the 2013 Format

By Lepprince (2022-08-17)

Power of the Elements is finally here, and with it come new decks that reshape the format. But, in spite of all the news, longtime players may experience flashbacks to a format from way back in the day. This author can't be the only one who is getting serious Dragon Ruler versus Spellbook vibes, right?


Dark Magician After Battle of Chaos

By RyanA (2022-02-17)

Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon are the two most iconic monsters in the game due to their appearance in the original anime. While neither of them have been among the best decks in the metagame save for a brief stroke of relevance in 2016, they are still crowd favorites.


The January 2022 Ban List: Finally a Big Shakeup!

By Lepprince (2022-02-02)

It's here! It took a bit, but we have finally received the long-awaited update to the Forbidden & Limited List. This format was fun, but it was getting stale, really. Most of the top decks relying on floodgates or un-outable boards didn't help, but did this ban list fix the issues?


Clash of the Titans: Dragoon versus Phoenix Enforcer

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-12-15)

These are peculiar times to be a Yu-Gi-Oh! player. We have two boss monsters that are easy to splash into almost any deck, yet preferences and necessity dictate which will be gracing the extra deck. Both are rather similar and also entirely different. Which of the two is better overall?


October 2021 Forbidden and Limited List Analysis

By TheLastPharaoh (2021-09-30)

It is time for a new format—a format that probably won't look much different from the previous one—after Konami updated the Forbidden and Limited List last week. Let's analyze the additions and subtractions, speculate on the underlying logic, and take a look at the impact it will have on the metagame.